Virtual Private Network – Why Is It Good?

VPN also was known as Virtual Private Network is used to connect a private network with a public network like the internet. Helps the sharing and receiving data across public or shared networks and hence you get to benefit from such private network. VPN works by creating a point to point connection virtually by using dedicated connections, protocols or traffic encryptions or virtual tunneling. This VPN can come in many types, like Dial-up modems or line connections that works by creating a network operated by telecom companies. Another type of VPN is remote access, this kind of VPN is used in companies to allow employees to connect to the company intranet from a different office location or while traveling. With the advent of the mobile user using the internet, VPNs for mobile is also used. Unlike computing, The VPN for mobile is not fixed to one IP address, but it keeps roaming across different networks like WI-Fi points or cellular carriers. WI-Fi is free at many public places, People use WI-Fi networks very frequently.

Benefits Of Using VPN For Your Mobile Internet

The internet has made all things easy and available online. So Number of people using the internet on their mobiles has increased. From school children to working adults to housewives, almost everyone is using the internet in many ways. And with WI-Fi hotspots using the internet in most places has become possible. However, these Free WI-Fi zones might not be safe to use. Hence Using VPN for mobile internet is very important. When you use a VPN for internet connection through a free WI-Fi zone, it encrypts that is it hides your IP address with the VPN server IP address; hence your identity is not viewed by anyone who is using the same network. So you save yourself from the risk of getting your information hacked by hackers. Since your identity along with your location is hidden, your access is not blocked to a few websites that block access to certain country people and in a certain location.

Being able to access sites without having to worry about your location or identity being tracked or identified, you can process transactions that are related to banking or transactions that include processing payment by using your debit or credit cards. However, it is always advisable to use anti-virus system to avoid any virus threats. However, VPN act as a firewall that alerts you against any threats and also protects you from them. For those who are using their Wi-Fi, with help of few settings in VPN you can ensure that others are not accessing your network, as other networks might mean risking your devices to threats. VPN protects you from threats like keyloggers and malware that might access your device while using WI-fi hotspots. VPN protects you by blocking unwanted spying by advertising companies or spying agencies or hackers that can easily your information on social networking sites. For those who have the different operating systems like Android or Windows or Linux, VPN supports them all, which means all these users can benefit from VPN. Users of VPN get uninterrupted and speedy internet service.

One such VPN service provider is hotspot shield. Hotspot shield comes with many advantages from the free download to allowing access to blocked sites or shows. It helps you keep a track of how the internet connectivity is working for you. And what’s more, they provide the same service that other paid VPN service provider gives. However, you might have to face the many advertising pop-ups, but this again can be taken care of by disabling the advertisement pop up feature during program setting. For those who love freedom on the internet and want to secure the browsing, hotspot shield is the right choice for them.

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