Ways to help elderly neighbours and relatives

If you have elderly neighbours, it can be a good idea to make sure they are not suffering from loneliness or living in conditions that are harmful to their health. Loneliness and cold are two are the worst problems affecting older people who find themselves living alone with little or no outside support. Here are some ways you can make a difference:

Ask if they need anything

There may be tasks that an elderly neighbour can no longer perform independently, so don’t be afraid to ask if you can help in any way. Many older people are healthy and independent so it’s important not to seem patronising but making it known that you are available is sometimes all that you need to do. Jobs that they need help with might include changing a lightbulb or mowing the lawn.

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Offer to run errands when you’re going out

Should you need to pop to the shops or a supermarket then mention it your neighbour and ask if they need anything. If you are aware that getting out might be difficult for them, then it’s not too time-consuming to run a couple of errands for them. Helping to fetch some heavy groceries for example will be greatly appreciated.

Call in during bad or very cold weather

When there is a particularly cold spell, be sure to call in and check on elderly relatives and neighbours to make sure that they are keeping warm. Elderly people often can’t afford to put the heating on for very long or may be suffering from a faulty boiler without realising. This could mean they are putting their health at risk and also wasting money on their energy bills. If you think their boiler needs a service or replacing, contact a Boiler Installation Gloucester at http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boiler-installation-and-heating-systems/

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Offer your company

If you notice that your neighbour doesn’t receive many regular visitors, or they don’t get out much, then they might really appreciate someone popping in for a cup of tea every now and then. Perhaps make it a regular thing and offer to cook for dinner for them or invite them to your house for dinner.

Be aware

If you notice that you haven’t seen your neighbour for a while, think about simple signs. Do the curtains get closed? Do lights come on after dark? Can you see piles of mail under the door or uncollected milk bottles for example? As soon as you notice these signs, check on them.

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