Wedding Expectations

Your wedding day has been a creation inside your imagination for so long. It’s going to be hard to live up to the expectation.  Yes, your day will be amazing but only if you take control and have things the way you want them – don’t get overwhelmed by everyone else’s idealized expectations. Don’t try too hard to make it the best day ever either. Great is good – perfection is unattainable!

On the morning of your wedding, you imagine that you’ll be gently roused by the tweeting of lovebirds on your windowsill and warm sunlight filtering through lace curtains. In reality, you’ll be awake at 5am feeling sick with nerves, possibly nursing a hangover or both!

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In your mind you’ll wake up fresh-faced, slim, with shiny hair and oozing sex appeal. What will really happen is that nerves have caused that monstrous zit to appear as guest of honour at your most special day. Your hair won’t sit right, and you cry and smudge your eyeliner!

You have dreamed of the venue being decorated with candles, fairy lights, hearts and doves. What happens is your mother-in-law insists on having the reception at the church hall, community centre where her WI meetings take place or in a luxury hotel. What you want is a marquee in a countryside location, to decorate to your heart’s content! For Marquee Hire Kent, visit

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The exchanging of vows will be romantic, tear-inducing, moving and poetic. In reality, your hands will be shaking, you won’t be able to look each other in the eye without giggling or one of you will pull a ‘You’ve Been Framed’ stunt and faint onto the vicar.

As for the wedding photos, you’ll be wowing the paparazzi, red-carpet style as the new Posh and Becks or Kim and Kanye. What actually happens is your jaw will ache so much from staged smiles that your grin begins a touch maniacal! Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

Your first dance will be a graceful, awe-inspiring event evoking tears of joy from onlookers through a rainbow haze of disco lights and theatre fog. What happens in reality is that he stands on your toes, you feel awkward with everyone staring at you and you wish the floor would swallow you both up!

The wedding breakfast has been meticulously planned, tasted and agonised over so that every guest can look forward to a culinary experience like no other. You’ve dieted and suffered to get into that dress, so now you can go crazy and stuff your happy face. In truth, there’s so much going on that you’ll be lucky to munch on a canape without being called off to speak to someone else.

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