What is a bullfighting festival? Types and Recommendations

What is a bullfighting festival? These fairs refer to the many celebrations that take place in various cities. Above all, in Spanish-speaking, Portuguese and French localities. These are made on dates that coincide with local holidays. And among the activities that are carried out we can mention, the bullfighting manifestations and the most popular ones, the bullfights in the best squares in the area. In addition, to make them even more attractive to people, well-known personalities in this field are hired to participate.

As this causes a great attraction in many people, there are those who are very aware of the bullfighting calendar to be present both if there are in your locality, as if they could attend some other where they could present better actors or that may have an aspect additional, for the place where they are held.

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1 Some of the most recognized bullfighting festival

1.1 Bullfighting Fair of April of Seville

1.2 Bullfighting Fair of July of Valencia

1.3 Bullfighting festival of the ports of Santa Maria

1.4 Bullfighting festival of Gijon

1.5 Cieza Bulls

1.6 Bullfighting Fair of the week of San Sebastian

1.7 Bullfighting Fair of Pontevedra

2 Some recommendations if you plan to attend any of the fairs

Here we write details about bullfighting festivals types and recommendations

Some of the most recognized bullfighting festival

In view of the bullfighting festival are held in various cities, to better know some of the most recognized, then we want to show you a small list to familiarize yourself with them.

April bullfighting fair in Seville

bullfighting festival

In Seville, we find one of those considered an authentic bullfighting temple. We refer to the bullring of the Real Maestranza Sevilla. In this celebration, all the bullfighting figures come and not only them. The best herds are also present. But why this celebration? The reason we owe it to the April fair in Seville, the bullfights on Easter Sunday and the fair of San Miguel. All these characteristics make this celebration a very attractive occasion for many fans to attend.

Bullfighting fair of July of Valencia

In the city of Valencia, there is also a very well-known bullring. In fact, the city square is better known as Coso de la Calle Xativa. Here is the great bullfighting summer fair. Due to the recognition that this has, it is also possible to find there great figures in this field as well as the best farms that are in the moment. The characteristics of these fairs make the fans think that they will be able to enjoy days of great emotions. If you want to know about most expensive horses in the world, please check this link.

Bullfighting festival of the ports of Santa Maria

In the ports of Santa Maria, there is also one of the colorful fairs for many people. In this one, it is counted on the presence of some important figures in the bullfighting field. That is why every season many people come to see the bulls in the ports of Santa Maria.

Bullfighting festival of Gijon

what is a bullfighting festival

In the city of Gijon, we also find a popular bullring for those interested in the bullfighting field. This square is also known as El Bibio. Those who come to it, consider it to be one of the best fairs in the north. It consists of about 6 bullfighting celebrations, in which great personalities recognized in these performances also participate. These celebrations are what make up this bullfighting fair in Begona. So it is also another attraction very considered by fans.

Bulls Cieza

In Murcia, there is the bullring of Cieza. In her, the celebration is realized during several events. For that purpose, a large bulls’ poster is selected that allows to make a grand opening of the season. Also invited are recognized bullfighters, in order to make it more attractive for the visits of the people.

Bullfighting of the week of San Sebastian

We can not leave aside the important bullring of San Sebastian. This is also well known as Coso de Illumbe or Donostia Arena. Every year the celebration of the big week of San Sebastian is done. It also has the invitation of bullfighting figures who achieve a great show for the attendees.

Bullfighting fair of Pontevedra

In Galicia, the pilgrim fair of Pontevedra is still held. Every year, the bullring coliseum of Pontevedra carries out this fair, filling it with great figures of the bullfighting field and using the best of the livestock of the moment. All this with the purpose of making a celebration each year that invites many people to be present.

bullfighting festival

Some of the recommendations if you plan to attend any of the fairs

  • The most recommended dress to attend a celebration like this is to wear comfortable clothes.
  • Before leaving your house to the plaza, make sure you hydrate as best you can
  • In many of these events, liquor consumption is possible. Avoid excessive consumption.
  • You should avoid wearing straps that have metal buckles and that have a large size. Since with these garments, the entrance to the boards is not allowed.
  • As you will be in a square, you should not carry glass bottles, because these represent a danger for you and others, especially for being an event where people come in large quantities.
  • It is not allowed to carry a firearm, because the purpose of the people is to go to have a different time.
  • As some of these events are performed in full sun, it is appropriate to use sunscreen and some hat or cap for your protection.
  • It is more advisable to move to these places use public transport, such as buses or taxis.
  • Be very careful with your children. The best way to do it is not to take them to these events. when they are activities where the attendance of the public is massive, it entails greater risks for young children, since they can be injured or even lost.
  • Do not neglect the attention of the personal belongings that you carry. Remember that there are many unknown people and you would run the risk of losing something by not being aware of its location. Many ill-intentioned people take advantage of these massive events to commit crimes.
  • In every event that takes place, especially if there is a large number of people in the place, there must be trained personnel to attend any emergency that may arise. If you need any support, identify immediately where the staff is located.


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