What is digital marketing, and how can it support your business?

There are many ways to get your product to market. With the advent of the Internet and social media, it’s clear that even more options have been opened up to the business. However, the needed approach is very different from what has gone before it.

While still being used and practical, simple campaigns via post and traditional methods are being superseded by the digital world. It’s why you need a company like Really Helpful Marketing. They are Marketing Strategy Consultants that understand this new and old world and how best to market the product or service you have to sell. Knowing that Digital marketing is all about getting your marketing objectives out there via digital means. This means social media platforms, mobile phone apps, email, and utilising search engines to raise your profile on the internet, such as Google and Bing.

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The question is, “why do you need it?”

  1. It gives your business direction and focuses well beyond what it has now. Online options allow us to build deeper relationships with customers and be more available to them.
  1. It will increase the degree of understanding with your online audience. It can be challenging to engage with them. However, a Marketing team can use research tools to identify the audience and tailor products and services towards them.

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  1. It gives you the edge over the competition. Without a Digital Marketing Plan in place, you can bet that your competitors have one, and they are hoovering up the market share with ease.
  2. They will increase your online presence to the audience and ensure its timing is correct. It’s easy to try a scattergun approach to online marketing because the size of the internet is so vast it seems the best practice. However, this approach can alienate as well as encourage.
  3. Point 4 suggests that you don’t know how your audience is online. Without an idea of who you are trying to reach, it’s unlikely you ever will be based on traditional marketing methods.
  4. You can’t ignore traditional marketing methods, and the Consultant won’t tell you to focus on just digital. So it’s clear that a combination of both is required, but without a complete view, you’ll find that individual departments will not be able to coordinate a coherent joined-up plan.
  5. Give it some resources. It’s not a quick fix and may not see results straight away.

Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought when it comes to your approach to the world of digital marketing.

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