What is merino wool?

Merino wool is derived from the Merino sheep and is prized for its exceptionally soft quality, shine and breathability. Its fibres are fine and sensitive and it is remarkably comfortable next to the skin.

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Despite the variation in grades in Merino wool, its diameter is microscopic and ranges from 11.5 microns to around 24 microns. Due to selective breeding, the sheep produce this ultra-fine wool which is finer and of a better quality than other wool.

Wool from the South Australian Merino sheep is the thickest

The wool produced from the South Australian Merino sheep is the thickest in diameter and is stronger than other Merino wool types. The Saxon Merino by contrast is the smallest type of Merino sheep which creates this fine wool. This results in a very desirable material which is more luxurious than traditional wools. Merino wool also does not itch the skin.

High end and luxury fashion brands typically use Merino wool. It can also be found in sportswear as the fibres can absorb sweat, removing it from the skin so that the athlete or runner stays dry.

An Irish Merino wool sweater will help you stay warm

An Irish Merino wool sweater will keep out the chill of winter and these exceptionally comfortable, stylish and cosy garments can be obtained from a range of suppliers. This Irish Merino wool sweater is durable, long-lasting and versatile, truly standing the test of time.

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According to the Daily Mail, Merino wool bed sheets will enable people to have a better and more restful night’s sleep.

Natural anti-microbial properties help to fight odours

Using this wool in clothing means that garments also boast natural anti-microbial properties, making fabric odour-free and suitable for those who suffer from allergic reactions. It’s therefore a good choice for use in children’s clothing. Comparing it to lambswool, it is less itchy next to the skin.

Merino wool has been used for many years to produce quality knitwear such as sweaters. The knitwear can be more expensive, but shoppers are attracted to the soft, luxurious feel of the garments and they are happy to pay more for quality. Merino knitwear is soft and durable and has less pilling than other wools, which makes it an overall attractive option for fashion-conscious men and women who want to invest in excellent quality clothing.

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