How to whiten your teeth at home without damaging the enamel?

Whiten your teeth at home without harming the enamel, but you still need to take precautions and use only proven folk methods.

An important role in such processes is played by the speed of whitening because people tend to whiten their teeth as quickly as possible, but these aspirations lead to serious problems with tooth enamel.

Why there is a darkening of the teeth?

There are several types of darkening:

  • Superficial – the intake of foods with strong color effect (black tea, chocolate, and coffee). They have in their composition chemical elements that not only change color but also destroy enamel. As a result of such processes, the surface of the teeth is covered by microcracks that affect its shade;
  • Penetrating – negatively affect and harmful habits, especially smoking. Due to the long-term use of tobacco products, a brown or dark yellow coating appears on the teeth (how to remove it?), Not to mention the remaining harm to the oral cavity and the whole organism;
  • Darkening caused by age – this is affected by all the above points in conjunction with the natural processes of aging and erasing enamel. The most pronounced factors affect the condition of the front teeth. Not only people of respectable age suffer from the problem since everything depends on the person’s way of life (food, bad habits) and on the thoroughness of oral hygiene.

The latter factor is called the most common cause of darkening. When the tooth surface is irregularly cleaned, plaque is formed, it not only makes dark enamel but also causes other diseases. To avoid this, you need to constantly brush your teeth with quality brushes and pastes, use dental floss regularly.

Recipes of folk medicine

Activated charcoal

It is a special, crushed activated charcoal, just rub your teeth with the aim of lightening them. This remedy is a part of many kinds of toothpaste. It is difficult to say how effective it is, but against the background of other popular folkways, the enamel is not very harmful. We recommend you to read the charcoal teeth whitening powder reviews, to get more information about activated charcoal.

Tea tree oil

It is considered almost the safest method, it is used after classical cleaning. To do this, the product is rubbed on the teeth with a brush on which a few drops of the drug are applied. You can do the procedure no more than 2 times a week.

Lemon peel

It is not very effective, but it affects the surface of the teeth relatively gently. You should use it like this:

  • 5-6 days rub your teeth with lemon zest.
  • Do not flush the device for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, rinse your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • To enhance the whitening effect, it is recommended to use lemon zest together with tea tree oil.

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