Why are Bleed Kits so important

Knife crime has been on the increase in the UK and this type of targetted crime can lead to devastating consequences for all involved. There are many ways that you can help to provide support in the event of a knife attack on or near your premises and these include having staff members trained by a First Aid At Work Tewkesbury company and having a Bleed Kit on-site. Tidal Training Direct provide first aid at work Tewkesbury courses and can support you with the staff training that you need.

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One of the devastating results of knife crime is the number of people who die from the wounds that have been inflicted and in most cases, it is the associated blood loss that leads to death. Bleed Kits are one way that you can help to stem the bleeding and hopefully buy the injured individual some time so that the ambulance crews can arrive and intervene. It is not just injuries from knife crime that these bleed kits can help with, they can help with any severe bleeding or haemorrhaging incidents.

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The bleed kits will often contain gloves to help protect the civilian or medic and the injured individual from infections, trauma shears that will allow them to cut through clothing to find the site of the bleeding, tourniquets to help stem the bleeding along with compressed gauze dressings that can be used to pack the wounds. Emergency bandages and a marker pen are also often included in the kits.

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