Work at home jobs: 10 tips to be more productive

Everyone who work at home jobs knows that the hard part is staying focused. It’s always when the files pile up that it makes us want to cook for the week or do 5 laundries in a row. Result: At 19 hours, we still have not started his day’s work.

It is because we have already faced this problem that we know the solution. How to go from bad to office table? Here are 10 tips for staying productive and productive work at home jobs.

Here we list 10 tips to be more productive when you work at home jobs

01. Respect a timetable

work at home jobs

A day at work at home jobs can easily look like this: you wake up at 11 am, then you prepare a cup of coffee, then you go back to bed with your computer on your knees to pretend to work (you still have it believed the first 10 minutes). It lasts until 3 pm, because after you say it’s still time to get dressed. At 16h family life resumes and you close your records until the next day.

To get things done, it is wiser to set a strict schedule and stick to it. Are you used to doing 09h-18h? Or do you prefer to get up early and finish early? By working at home, you can be flexible on schedules, as long as you set a pace. There is an hour to work and an hour for housework. All you need is to put boundaries between the two.

02. Set deadlines

Our young college years can attest to this: it is very difficult to work regularly when the date of rendering is remote. Only if passing an exam with Red Bull and sleepless nights can work, this is not the case for your professional projects. A good way to avoid this situation is to set intermediate goals. Put yourself monthly or weekly deadlines. To motivate you, you can even afford a reward when the mission is fulfilled: “if I reach my goals for the week, I offer myself this lemon pie signed Cedric Grolet”.

03. Make yourself a daily to do list

On the same logic as the previous point, prepare yourself a to-do list every day. Starting your work day knowing what you have to do helps to be more productive. If today you have to make updates on your website, finish a presentation and prepare your pitch, you will know that you will have to postpone your hairdresser to the next day. Everything is a question of organization.

04. Do not stay in pajamas

work at home jobs

Even if you do not plan to leave the day and you have no appointments (not even on Skype), get dressed. We all have a routine in the morning when we go to work: shower, dressing-makeup, breakfast, tooth brushing, etc. Try to recreate that. Why? Just because it allows you to change modes. Even if you stay in one place, you move from a dynamic home-rest to work. You will see that by respecting this, you will start your day much faster.

05. Disconnect

Social networks can be fatal for your concentration. It’s tempting to take a quick look at his newsfeed. The problem is that we end up watching the photos of summer 2012 of the cousin of the husband of your girlfriend’s sister-in-law 3 hours later. So as difficult as it may be, log out of your accounts during your working hours. Same for your mailbox. A study has shown that one connects to his messaging about 74 times a day. It’s obviously too much! Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening is more than enough. Spend the rest of the time on your day’s tasks.

06. Take breaks

work at home jobs

There is nothing wrong with taking a step back with his work from time to time. It is actually very productive. Provided that in your breaks too, you show discipline. Take a few minutes to do an activity that relaxes you (social networks and TV are not recommended), but check back on time. After a hard time, rest your body and mind with a cup of coffee, a city tour, or why not some yoga exercises. But do not forget that you will have to get back to it afterward. Ditto for your lunch break, do not skip it but do not go for a Sunday meal either.

07. Build a workspace

You have to dedicate a place from your house to your work at home jobs. It does not have to be an entire room, not even an entire office, just a dedicated space that you use every day. It’s important that it’s always in the same place for your brain to understand that it’s time to work. You will resist more easily the urge to activate something else. We know from experience that it is better that everything be tidy so that you can focus quickly and efficiently. So, get up a few minutes early and wipe the table before installing all your files.

08. Set limits with your surroundings

When you work at home jobs, some people may infer that you are free as air. In other words, you have time to keep their dog, talk on the phone or come to see a movie. Tell them explicitly that this is not the case. By imposing schedules, not only will you be able to respect your schedule but you will also avoid overflows.

09. Do not neglect your social life

work at home jobs

Staying at home all day can be frustrating. It is very important that you do not isolate yourself from the outside world. Force yourself to step on your doorstep daily. Go take glasses with your friends or go to your piano lesson in the late afternoon. This will help you relax and get out of your workday – to come back of course!

10. Change the environment

Have you ever spent the day on one spot without seeing the end? In this case, the best thing to do is to change the environment. Swap your sofa for a cafe, library or park. You can refocus yourself while having fun with a piece of cake or a little sun.

After a while, you will know enough to know where you are most effective at performing a particular task. You may feel more confident to make calls to your home, but be more productive in writing a blog post at a cafe. Never mind, incorporate this information into your schedule and spot your favorite spots near you to not lose a minute!

We hope this article makes you more productive, and it helps you to work at home jobs, more productive than before!

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Have a nice day…..

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