10 Tips to generate a brilliant idea

I just had a brilliant idea!

In how many moments in your life have you heard or uttered this phrase? How do you define that it, as a brilliant idea? Do you find it easier to think of creative ideas outside of work?

Good ideas are envied and desired by many. It is possible that you are a machine to generate extraordinary ideas and you do not even know it. Also, in the same way, you can be a bit blocked in some areas of ​​your life, where you feel that you are not creating new ideas.

Does this happen to you? It is normal, we can all go through moments in which ideas do not arise so smoothly, but there are simple and efficient tips that can help you overcome this streak, here we leave you some of them.

What is a brilliant idea?

There are various definitions in the dictionary of what an idea is, from the intention to do something, the judgment that one has of someone, or the knowledge of something. For our purposes we are going to take the following: it is the mental representation of something, be it material or immaterial, imaginary or real, abstract or concrete, which is reached after observing certain phenomena, after associating varying mental representations, or through the experience of different cases.

Ideas are resources that people have developed to transform a situation, solve a problem, create something from a need, improve a process, modify or even develop something that does not exist.

It is the ideas that innovate our world, our work, or even our routine. They are small spaces in our mind that allow us to analyze an object or a situation from an unusual perspective, allowing us to broaden our vision.

What is the importance of creative ideas?

Revolutionize from the smallest to the most gigantic. Ideas allow us to enter solutions in our daily lives but also in our workspaces. They make us agents of change.

Stimulating the creation of new ideas helps us, for example, in situations that arise in our work, where we must constantly solve problems and provide alternatives. By awakening this ability in you, you will open a door to new possibilities, it will give you a broader vision and of course, you will be able to transform processes that seem common. If you want to apply creativity to your work, you can read what it is and how to define the personality of a brand.

Here we share 10 Tips to generate brilliant ideas

It is important to indicate that every idea is valid, it is possible that sometimes we feel a bit insecure with our ideas, perhaps because we compare them, we consider them a little creative or thousands of other reasons, with which we minimize them.

Let’s do something necessary, let’s validate our ideas, our creations, or innovations, no matter how small, is the way to develop solutions. If you want to stimulate your idea generation, here are some tips:

1. Have confidence in yourself.

For example, in your work area, it is your domain processes or topics, so you certainly have a broader vision of it. Trust the ideas you can provide from your own experience. Sometimes we senselessly disparage the alternatives that occur to us, for not believing that they are good enough, but they are not. Have confidence in yourself.

2. Observe.

One strategy that you can apply to generate good ideas is to observe. When we are immersed in our responsibilities and commitments, we can lose a little perspective of what is happening. It is good to observe the processes from afar, to see what others are doing, seeking to broaden the vision.

3. Get out of your circle.

When we are within our routine, both with the tasks we do and with people, we can anchor ourselves. There comes that point where you feel like you can’t contribute more. Leaving our circle and routines helps us to clear the mind and that other activity can help awaken the imagination.

4. Make it fun.

Looking for inspiration or options for a task that we have within our work or personal life should not be a complicated activity. You must create processes that stimulate your creativity, so, including fun alternatives, encourages you to create great ideas that you had not contemplated before.

5. Brainstorming for a get a new ideas.

One of the most classic techniques is brainstorming. If you have a subject in your work or company, create a group or personal session, where everyone contributes different alternatives. There are no good or bad ideas. The intention is to throw as many alternatives as they can think of to solve the problem they have.

6. Relax.

When we can’t find new ideas and we need them, an excellent option is to relax. Leave my current task unsolved? Sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it? But as in all the tips that we present to you, it is essential to take a step back to have a greater perspective.

You can relax in the way that is best for you: meditating, exercising, having a good time with your friends, doing a hobby, whatever helps you forget all your load for a moment.

Once you manage to relax, return to the point where you were and you will surely have greater clarity to provide more ideas.

7. Draw/write.

It is not necessary to have a structure, the objective is to generate something visual that helps us organize our brilliant ideas and stimulates the generation of more. You can make a mind map, a diagram, or any scheme that makes sense of what you are trying to build, do not hesitate to apply it, it is very efficient.

8. Do exercises.

Perform different structured exercises with your team to help stimulate ideas. From games or techniques that contribute to the search for solutions for the needs of the company or the team.

9. Read.

If you are looking for good ideas, reading will be an excellent ally for you, since:

  • Increase your curiosity
  • Helps develop critical thinking
  • Motivates you to explore new worlds
  • Stimulate your imagination

Generating brilliant ideas is easier than you think, it is a characteristic that all of us have developed to a lesser or greater extent, however, it is a matter of feeding it a little to achieve great things.

Do not throw away any idea you have, whether to start a business, modify a process in your work or transform something in your personal life, remember what Mark Twain said: “A man with a new idea is crazy until he succeeds.” Keep developing your ideas with our creative marketing and communication course for brands.

10. Dream about your creative ideas.

Take a break and think about something else, often your subconscious mind will keep working on the problem and will find new ideas and refinements on the ideas that you already have.


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