7 Hollywood celebrity beauty secrets of over 50 years old

Celebrity beauty secrets over 50 have beauty tips to share with you! Indeed, some of these stars appear 10 or even 20 years younger than they really are. It is often thought that only cosmetic surgery can cause such miracles, but it is not! Some of the beauty secrets of celebrities over 50 are incredibly simple to follow, though extremely effective!

Staying young is the fantasy of all women. We are afraid, when we get up in the morning, to discover a new wrinkle or another sign that old age is watching us. However, there are simple ways to remedy this and feel good about yourself at any age. Beauty does not disappear with time, it matures and transforms itself. These celebrities are proof that we can be beautiful and good about ourselves at any age! Let’s go!

Here we explain 7 celebrity beauty secrets of more than 50 years

1. Julianne Moore: 57 years old

celebrity beauty secretsJulianne Moore, a magnificent 57-year-old actress, shares with us one of her 50-year-old celebrity beauty secrets. She rejects the idea that all women over a certain age should have short hair. She sees her long hair as her trademark and takes care of it. For her, the length of her hair makes her more feminine and gives her a younger look.

She also advises the daily use of sunscreen to keep her skin from wrinkles and spots. She says she has worn every day since she was 23 years old. And it seems to work well, given the glowing skin that it sports. Indeed, protecting your skin with sunscreen is an excellent way to preserve diseases but also signs of old age. So we follow the advice of Julianne Moore!

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2. Demi Moore, 55 years old

celebrity beauty secretsDemi Moore is 55 years old and one of the greatest beauty icons of American cinema. She shares with us one of her celebrity beauty secrets of more than 50 years. For her, the beauty and clarity of her skin are due to one simple thing: hydration. Demi Moore hydrates her skin every night, intensely, with a cream that suits her. In addition, she makes moisturizing masks on a regular basis to allow her skin to retain all its youth.

Another tip from him? For Demi, it is essential to remove makeup in the evening before going to bed! No exceptions to this rule to let your skin breathe. For her, taking care of her skin is much better than applying makeup all the time. Nourishing her skin from the inside, cleansing and moisturizing her are the keys to beauty. And when we look at it, we really want to believe it!

3. Iman, 60 years old

celebrity beauty secretsIman is one of the most famous models in the world. Her incredible beauty has spanned the biggest catwalks. Today, she shares with us one of her celebrity beauty secrets of more than 50 years. For her, although much of a person’s youthful beauty and appearance is linked to genes, it is quite possible to become a true actress of her beauty and appearance.

Taking care of your skin means giving yourself the means to look younger and more beautiful. Iman is careful to thoroughly clean his skin twice a day, and never forget to put on sunscreen. In addition, she does yoga and pilates to keep a good cardio rhythm. Health and beauty also pass by the sport and the maintenance of his body. If you want to feel beautiful, you can! All you have to do is put yours on it and have the will.

4. Rita Moreno, 86 years old

celebrity beauty secretsRita Moreno is an 86-year-old actress, known for her role as Anita in  West Side Story. She says keeping her skin healthy by exfoliating her every day for years. She also gives us other beauty tips from celebrities over 50 years old.

For her, it is important to apply the foundation with a brush or sponge and never with the fingers. To distribute it is also an important step for her. Nothing is more unsightly, according to her than a trace of a badly spread foundation. She is right!

5. Tina Turner, 78 years old

celebrity beauty secretsThe talented singer Tina Turner made sure to keep all the beauty of her legs, even at 78 years old. She shares one of her celebrity beauty secrets of more than 50 years. For her, the reason she kept her beauty and tone is the fact that she was able to practice the activity she loves intensively throughout her life. His advice? Doing what we love, since it motivates us, makes us happy, and makes us that way even more beautiful.

For her, the greatest service we can give ourselves and our beauty are to have confidence in ourselves. For her, being happy and good about herself is the best beauty advice that can be given to a woman, no matter how old she is. She thinks that much of how we are perceived by others is related to our perception of ourselves. Happiness is the best beauty advice.

6. Gloria Estefan, 60 years old

celebrity beauty secretsGloria Estefan is 60, and she gives us her celebrity beauty secrets for over 50 years. For her, beauty comes first and foremost from happiness and love. She also sees sport as one of the important elements that allow her to feel beautiful and to remain beautiful through the years. Taking care of your skin is also an important part of your beauty routine. For her, if you want to be beautiful and feel beautiful, it is possible to achieve it by showing willingness.

She systematically removes makeup before going to bed and exfoliates her skin on a regular basis. For her, using a magnifying mirror when applying makeup on her skin is also an excellent tip, which allows him to truly see what is wrong with his skin so that he can best use makeup as camouflage. Better vision is better makeup, indeed!

7. Cindy Crawford, 51

celebrity beauty secretsCindy Crawford is 51 years old and she is more beautiful than ever. She shares with us her celebrity beauty secrets of more than 50 years. For her, it is useless to resort to all the cosmetic surgery in the world if we do not take an important element into account: the color of the hair. For her, hair color is what can truly make a woman look 10 years younger than she actually is.

Because she uses colors, she is extremely careful about taking care of her hair in parallel, often using care. For her, it is also important to take an element into account: we change over time. It is impossible to fight against this change: we can only work to make this change as positive as possible. Things change, but they can change to good!

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