How to get remove of tartar | 7 ways to get rid of tartar

7 Best ways to get remove of tartar

Tartar rots our life and makes our smile much less beautiful! Even when dental hygiene is more than exemplary, the plaque tends to accumulate on our teeth and to become our worst enemy: tartar. Brushing regularly and using mouthwash and floss are some of the things that can help get rid of dental plaque and thus prevent the creation of tartar. However, it is sometimes necessary to resort to other means to get rid of tartar.

Here are 7 best ways to get rid of tartar. Our methods are safe for your teeth and your health, but they must be applied according to certain rules. In short, we use it without abusing it! Finding a smile worthy of an advertisement for toothpaste is one of our beauty aspirations, and it’s easier to achieve than we think. Just a little will and follow the advice. Let’s go!

7 best ways to get rid of tartar

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is an ingredient that is often found in our kitchens. It is useful for many occasions but also for the teeth. It can indeed make them whiter and polish them. Baking soda has a rather abrasive effect, which effectively eliminates plaque, responsible for the formation of tartar when we do not take care to remove it often enough.

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarHowever, be careful not to use it too often. Baking soda is not harmful to your health, but you must be careful not to swallow it and not to brush your teeth too often, as this may cause inflammation of the gums. It is mixed with water that is applied to obtain a paste that is then applied to his teeth using a toothbrush. You can then either leave for ten minutes before rinsing or brush your teeth using the paste as a toothpaste. The operation is repeated two to three times a week.

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2. Aloe vera

The aloe vera extract can be rubbed on the teeth and left on for about 10 minutes before being rinsed. It will have a double positive effect on your teeth: on the one hand it will make them whiter and on the other hand it will kill the bacteria at the origin of the formation of dental plaque and thus tartar, thus allowing your smile to keep its white effect, and allowing you to get rid of tartar naturally, without going through the dentist box!

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarAloe vera will also help you have good breath in all circumstances and has antiseptic properties. It fights against the accumulation of microbes responsible for tartar. But also because your teeth turn yellow and bad breath. You can buy aloe vera extract in para-pharmacy or extract it yourself by crushing its leaves and rubbing them directly on the enamel of your teeth.

3. The guava

To get rid of tartar, nothing like guava! Guava not only tastes great, it also has extraordinary properties for your teeth: and for good reason. It fights against the formation of dental plaque and has antiseptic properties that can fight against inflammation of the gums. Which it can cause pain in the gums or bad breath.

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarTo use it, you can chew guava leaves for a few seconds before spitting out or still eat guava with a little salt. If you do not like the taste, eat guavas in the form that you prefer and even in juice if you press it yourself. All means are good to have beautiful teeth and a guaranteed smile without tartar. And then, who does not like the taste of this delicious fruit?

4. Clove

To get rid of tartar it is possible to use clove. You can love or dislike the smell. But you have to recognize its incredible health and beauty! Clove is indeed a miracle ingredient that fights germs and bad breath. Of course, we do not bite directly into a clove: it would not be very pleasant, and not necessarily very effective either!

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarIt is best to mix a tablespoon of clove powder with olive oil before applying this mixture to your teeth. It can be applied with his fingers or a toothbrush that will be reserved for this use (it could indeed take the shade of clove powder). The mixture is left on the teeth for a few minutes before rinsing with water at room temperature. It is repeated two to three times a week to get rid of dental plaque and have a better breath.

5. White vinegar

The white vinegar that we all have in our kitchen can have a beneficial effect on our smile and help us get rid of tartar. Indeed, vinegar helps fight the microbes responsible for the accumulation of dental plaque. By using it on your teeth, you make them cleaner and more beautiful, and you reduce your chances of having cavities, to which the formation of dental plaque contributes.

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarFor good results, white vinegar is mixed with salt in a glass of warm water. The mixture is used as a mouthwash once a day, preferably after brushing in the morning or evening. The beneficial effects of white vinegar should be felt fairly quickly by the person using this trick. We know that vinegar does not taste very good. But mixed with water, it is better tolerated.

6. The essential oil of lavender

Lavender essential oil is a beauty and miracle health tool. It makes it possible to purify the air, to calm, to improve the quality of sleep of the person who uses it. It repels even mosquitoes and other insects not pleasant which appear in summer. But what we do not talk often enough is the beneficial effect of lavender essential oil to get rid of dental plaque and therefore tartar.

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarTo use it, two drops of lavender essential oil are mixed with coconut oil or water. Rinse your mouth with the mixture once or twice a day, exactly the same way you would with a classic mouthwash. The effect of this on plaque and calculus will soon be noticed. The teeth will also appear whiter and the breath will be fresher. We do not say no, especially to such a natural and effective product!

7. Stop eating certain foods

Black tea is good for the taste and for health but it has more than negative effects on the formation of tartar. Consuming regularly promotes the formation of dental plaque. Other foods have negative effects on dental plaque and promote the appearance of tartar such as coffee consumption or foods too rich in refined sugars and bad fats. It is therefore important to limit the amount of food that is bad for tartar and plaque.

How to get rid of tartar | 7 ways to get remove of tartarStopping smoking is also recommended to get rid of tartar effectively and permanently. You can also eat more vegetables and fruits, such as apples that help clean the teeth and strengthen their enamel.

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