Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bath

Some tips to give the baby bath

Giving a baby bath for the first time can be a stressful experience. Indeed, it is essential to pay attention to the safety of the baby when given a bath, and to be careful that the temperature of the water is suitable for him. Especially during the first months of her life, it can be quite impressive and complex. However, do not panic! There are simple tips to help make this moment more enjoyable for both baby and mom.

By following these 8 tips, you will quickly realize that with a little practice and ingenuity, bathing your baby can quickly become a pleasant experience and a good way to connect with your baby. Once you have understood the principle and the basic rules for bathing a baby or an infant, just be careful to ensure that everything goes smoothly! Let’s go!

1. Prepare everything in advance

To give the baby bath, it is important to prepare everything in advance. Indeed, to be as effective and relaxed as possible to give the bath to his child, it is better to show a little organization. So get what you need for the bath itself: the small bath, a cup to pour water, baby soap, washcloths and cotton balls to clean his eyes and his eyes. ears.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathYou can also bring some toys so that your child can have fun in his bath. It is also better for you to directly take out what will be useful after the bath. Keep a towel near you for drying, a brush or comb, lotion or oil, a diaper and clean clothes. Also, have an antiseptic to clean your umbilical cord if it is still attached.

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2. Dress yourself accordingly

To give the baby bath, it is important to dress accordingly. Indeed, you will probably wet your clothes. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and can be wet without any problem. Prefer short sleeves, or roll up your sleeves if they are long. Remove your jewelry such as watches, rings, and bracelets.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathAlso be careful not to wear anything that could scratch your child’s skin. Avoid zippers, safety pins or pines. Ideally, clothes such as pajama bottoms and a wide t-shirt are perfect for bathing your baby. This way, you will be more comfortable and feel better and safer, if you are relaxed and comfortable.

3. Prepare the small bathtub

To give the baby bath, it is important to prepare your bathtub in advance. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the baby bath that you use to choose or place it. Ideally, place it on the floor and the safest solution. There is indeed no possibility that it falls if it is placed on the floor. However, some must be placed in a large bath or sink.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathDo not use a real adult bathtub to bathe your baby. They are too big and deep, and the baby could easily slip inside. As a safety measure, therefore, we use a baby bath (or a clean washbasin). Be careful that the bathtub has a bottom that hooks so that your baby does not slip inside. If this is not the case, you can place a cloth bottom such as a towel or large washcloth inside.

4. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water

To give the baby bath, the bath is then filled with lukewarm water. Preferably use a thermometer to judge the temperature of the water. Otherwise, use your elbow or wrist to judge the heat of it. The water should not be too hot or too cold. Ideally, it should be warm, warm enough but not as warm as it would be in your bath or shower.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathIf you have doubts about the temperature of the water, it is better that it is a little too cool than too hot. Indeed, babies have extremely sensitive skin and water a little too hot could burn them. Also be careful not to overfill the tub. The baby should not be submerged by water. Too much water is better than too much water. It is an important security measure to respect.

5. Place baby in the bathtub

Also, be careful when placing the baby in the bathtub. Indeed, to give the baby bath, it is placed in the bathtub feet first. Keep your hand on the baby’s back, neck and head while gently placing it in the tub. This hand is kept there for the duration of the bath, and the other hand is used to wash it.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathIt is important to be careful and to always hold the baby, but also to never leave the eyes during the bath. Baby’s skin tends to slip, so it’s important to be careful once your baby is completely wet. Bathing your baby requires great vigilance at every moment. We are never too careful!

6. Wash baby slowly

To give the baby bath, it is gently washed once it is placed in the bath. Use a cup or your hand to wet the baby’s body. Then use a soft washcloth to gently wash the face, body, arms, and legs of the baby. We use a little baby soap to wash his hands and feet in particular. For the rest of the body, a clean washcloth and water are sufficient (although using mild soap is possible).Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathDo not forget to use cotton balls to clean the baby’s ears and eyes gently. The baby’s genitals are cleaned last, using a small amount of mild baby soap. For girls, this area is washed from the front to the back, to prevent infections. If you have a circumcised baby boy, it is important to be particularly gentle and to gently tap the wet washcloth.

7. Do not forget to gently wash her hair

To give the baby bath, it is also important to gently wash her hair. It depends on the amount of hair your baby has (if he has no or very little, it is not necessary to wash them). The baby is gently leaning on his back and his hair is gently massaged with warm water. A cup is used to pour water on the baby’s head without touching his face.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathIf you use baby shampoo, which is not necessary, use your hand to protect the baby’s eyes. Indeed, even if the shampoo is soft, it could sting his eyes. Before rinsing it, we forget to check the temperature of the water. Again, it is better that it is a little too cool that too hot for the well-being of the baby. And now, voila! But stay the care to lavish him!

8. After bath care

Once the baby has been thoroughly washed and rinsed, he / she is lifted from the bath by holding him at the level of the head, neck and neck with one arm, while holding his / her back and thigh with the other… Then put baby in a towel, being careful to cover his head as well. The baby’s body and hair should be dried first. You do not use hair dryers to dry your hair.Baby Bath Care | 8 Tips how to give the new born baby bathIf necessary, the baby is given the ointments he needs if they have been prescribed by a doctor. You can also apply baby oil or cream, but this is not necessary. We then put his diaper on his baby, and dress him. And voila! We washed his baby well!

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