Damage that occur to your drains

No one wants to be in a situation whereby their drains are not draining, or they are starting to overflow and flood the garden.This can result in the need for CCTV Drain Surveys London companies like www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/cctv-drain-surveys/cctv-drain-surveys-london/ to come in and find the cause of the problem. With the use of CCTV they can try to find the damage before there is a need to dig up large areas of ground.Once they have located this they can then look at which way to resolve the damage.

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Here are some of the types of damage that can occur to your drains.

Tree root growth – tree roots will seek out water in any way that they can and this can sometimes mean finding ways into your drains. Once there they will continue to grow and this can cause blockages and damage to occur.

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Cracks – depending on the type of pipes that you have and the age of your home, you can find that cracks appear. This is especially true where Victorian clay pipes have been used.These can become susceptible to crack over time and as a result of movement and vibrations through the ground.

Collapsed pipes – this can occur when the pipes become weakened over time and it is often seen when water starts seeping into the ground around the pipe. It occurs as a result of corrosion of the pipes and when there has been significant movement of the earth around the pipes.

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