How to Clean Your Microwave in 3 Min Chrono with White Vinegar?

Microwave cleaning tips

Your microwave is dirty and would need a good cleaning? Is it full of dirt and splash of tomato sauce?

Do not panic! There is a great trick to clean your oven with white vinegar and steam!

This technique is not only super easy, but it also cleans your oven deeply and in no time! Indeed, thanks to this trick, I managed to clean layers of dirt and grime that were there without my knowing it!

After this deep cleaning, I realized that the inside of my oven was 5 times whiter than before. Do not think that your oven is yellow of origin! In reality, it is probably bright white, like snow!

I love tips like this because they are super easy to use. To keep clean your oven, you only need a little water, white vinegar and just 1 min of your precious elbow grease. Are you ready to discover the easiest and fastest technique to thoroughly clean your microwave? So let’s go!

How to Clean Your Microwave in 3 Min Chrono with White Vinegar?

What do you need?

Microwave-compatible bowl.

A toothpick.

A sponge.

2 tablespoons white vinegar.

Some water.

Optional : 1 drop of lemon essential oil.

How to do

Preparation time: 3 min

Waiting time: 7 min

Total time: 10 min

How to Clean Your Microwave in 3 Min Chrono with White Vinegar?

  1. Pour 50cl of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into a microwave-compatible bowl.

Add 1 drop of your favorite essential oil if the smell of white vinegar annoys you.

  1. Add a wooden toothpick to the vinegar water (this prevents the water from boiling and spilling).
  2. Put your bowl in the oven. Then close the door and heat the liquid at full power for 5 minutes.
  3. Once the program is finished, do not open the door of your oven right away. Wait 2-3 minutes to allow the steam to do its job. The vinegar water vapor will soften the residues glued to the walls. As for the essential oil of lemon, it will neutralize bad smells.
  4. Take the bowl of vinegar water out of the oven. But be careful when you go out because it’s very hot!
  5. Take the turntable out of your oven (and again, be careful because it’s hot) and clean it in your sink.
  6. Finally, put your sponge on the walls of the inside of your oven. You will see, all the dirt and residue will disappear almost effortlessly! Result And now, your microwave is nickel and all this effortlessly. He found his original white as the first day. Thanks, who? Thank you white vinegar!

Bonus tip

The other trick to cleaning your oven is to soak a sponge with water. Then pour 1 teaspoon of white vinegar on the sponge and heat it in the microwave.

However, this technique generates much less steam than heating a bowl of vinegar water in the oven. Therefore, it is convenient for a rough cleaning. But if the walls of your oven are really dirty, prefer the vinegar water bowl method.

How to avoid dirtying the microwave?

How to Clean Your Microwave in 3 Min Chrono with White Vinegar?Do you know splash bells? It is a super effective accessory to limit splashing on the walls of your oven.

It’s simple. Put the plastic bell on your dishes to heat up and your oven will stay a lot cleaner, longer. And in addition, the bell prevents your dishes from drying out during warming!

If you are interested, you can pick up a splash-proof bell here.

Precaution to take

Microwave-heated liquids can become extremely hot and “explode”. It’s far from being a common occurrence, but it can happen.

However, the boiling phenomenon does not occur in containers whose surface is perfectly smooth. Therefore, if you use a smooth container, no bubbles will form (ie, there will be no boiling of the liquid).

How to Clean Your Microwave in 3 Min Chrono with White Vinegar?But as soon as the container is moved (for example, when you open the oven and take out the bowl), it can cause an “explosion”.

That said, do not worry too much, as the vast majority of bowls and other commercial containers are NOT perfectly smooth. Indeed, even surfaces that seem completely smooth to the touch are actually covered with small imperfections and asperities that allow boiling bubbles to form.

Moreover, the rotation of the microwaves rotating trays creates enough movement to allow liquids to boil. But, for safety and to avoid any accident, do not forget to insert a toothpick in your vinegar water container. Thus, the bubbles can form on the wood of the toothpick, allowing the vinegar water to boil without exploding.

Your turn… Have you tested this trick to thoroughly clean your microwave? Tell us in comments if she walked for you. We can not wait to read you!

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