10 Tips to make the rules less painful

When you have your period, you can often suffer from unpleasant pain. It is, therefore, necessary at this time to find solutions to fight against them. But do not worry! Here are 10 simple ways to make the rules less painful. It is sometimes enough to show ingenuity to fight against these small inconveniences of the daily life, even these big pains!

Our habits and pace of life have a real impact on the pain we experience during our menstrual periods. Of course, there is also a personal dimension since not all women feel pain. However, it is important to pay attention to these tips. They could really help you live better this time of the month!

1. Know when his rules will happen

A trick to make the rules less painful? Know when they will arrive. Indeed, if you know when your period will come, it will be easier for you to fight the pain. For example, if you tend to have pain during your periods, it may be helpful for you to take painkillers before you even feel pain. To know when your rules will arrive, it’s simple.10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timeYou can simply download an application on your smartphone. This will let you know the exact date your rules will arrive. In this way, you will be prepared to fight the symptoms and side effects during this week. By doing this you will feel much better during this time. It can also help you be in a better mood during your period. When you know why something is wrong, it’s already a step forward to get better.

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2. Say yes to the hot water bottle

To make the rules less painful, using a hot water bottle can be extremely useful. Indeed, the heat brought by a hot water bottle can really help to reduce the pain in your belly. You can use it when sitting or even place it on your stomach at bedtime. The heat should quickly bring you a feeling of well-being and soothe you.10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timeIndeed, the fact of applying a heat source on his stomach when it is painful is an effective way to fight against abdominal pain. Why is that? Simply because the heat helps stimulate your blood circulation. In this way, the pain passes quickly. It is an almost instant solution to the pain! So we do not hesitate a second! And then, it works!

3. Stay active

To make the rules less painful, it is also important to stay active. Indeed, practicing a mild sport during your period can help you feel better emotionally. Indeed, because of hormones, one can tend to feel stressed or sad during his period. Being physically active helps to fight against these annoyances and to feel better quickly.10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timeWhen you play sports, our body releases endorphin, the pleasure hormone. Be careful not to tire yourself too much or to do the too much physical activity. For example, we avoid running and we prefer a yoga session or soft gymnastics. And as soon as we feel weak or tired, we stop! It’s all about feeling better! If it has the opposite effect, we stop everything!

4. Avoid caffeine10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period time

To make the rules less painful, avoiding caffeine can also be a good idea. Indeed, caffeine contributes to the retention of water. In fact, if you consume during your period, you will suffer much more swelling in the stomach for example. This is unpleasant and can be avoided in a simple way, so we do not hesitate to do it. In the same way, it will allow you to sleep better. And to wake up in better shape!

5. Consume dark chocolate

To make the rules less painful, dark chocolate can be of great help! Indeed, this one is full of magnesium. Magnesium can help reduce your abdominal pain! But chocolate also allows your body to release endorphins and thus make you feel better and happier. All you need to do is eat a little chocolate during this period!10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timeWe still prefer dark chocolate because it is more natural and contains much less sugar than milk chocolate. And then, chocolate is always a delight, is not it? If in addition, it is therapeutic, we do not say no! Come on, some squares cannot hurt you! On the contrary!

6. The ginger tea10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period time

To make the rules less painful, one can also choose to consume ginger tea. Indeed, ginger has many healthy properties that can really help you during your period. It is a food that reduces nausea, belly pain, and inflammation. So do not hesitate to add a hot tea to quickly solve his worries related to his rules. It’s delicious, and it really works!

7. Lying in position of the starfish

To make the rules less painful, the position in which you lie down can also have a beneficial effect. Indeed, if you tend to curl up and curl up, it can make your cramps worse. When lying on your back, arms and legs stretched out on the sides, you relax your muscles. By relaxing its muscles, it is much less likely to feel abdominal pain.10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timePlus, lying in the position of the starfish is beneficial for your back. If you lie flat on your back, you can relax the muscles in your back. In fact, you tend to suffer from lower back pain when you have your period. That way, if you think about lying down comfortably, you can really learn to feel better and live the period of your period better.

8. Avoid too salty foods

To make the rules less painful, it is also important to avoid too salty food. Why is that? Well simply because salt tends to cause some water retention. You will, therefore, tend to have a more swollen belly. Likewise, it will help make you feel a bit sluggish. Avoid at all costs fast foods during this period.10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timeJust to please you, consume rather sweet foods than salty foods. However, the best solution is to eat balanced to provide his body all the elements necessary for it to be in perfect condition. Your health depends on what you choose to provide to your body. So we pay attention to that. And if you have small appetites, you can eat dark chocolate or fruit and nuts.

9. Drink a lot of water

Another tip to make his period less painful? Drink water. Indeed, staying well hydrated during your period is extremely important. This allows you to limit swelling as well as lethargy. Likewise, drinking water on a regular basis improves your digestion significantly. Similarly, drinking water allows your body to feel better and circulate the blood through your veins.10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period timeWe, therefore, choose to drink about 8 cups of water a day. This is one of the best tips for being healthy. And the period of your period is one of the periods during which you should really pay the most attention to your health. You must take care of your body to prevent pain or to reduce it. We are therefore extremely careful about this. You will feel much more energetic.

10. Sleep well10 Easy ways to make the rules less painful during your period time

In order to make the rules less painful, it is also very important to sleep well. Your body needs a lot of rest when you have your period. It is therefore important that you go to bed early during this period. If you can wake up a little later than usual, do it without hesitation. You should quickly feel the positive effects of this method on your body.

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