Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removal

7 Hair removal mistakes concerning

Hair removal is not the best time of our life: it takes time, it is expensive and especially painful. However, we can not help it: it’s so nice to feel his soft legs like those of a baby! We are bombarded on all sides with various advice on hair removal: but sometimes, these are more intox than information! How to disentangle the true from the fake and make sure to avoid those hair removal mistakes that ruin our life?

Well, here are the 7 most common hair removal mistakes. That you should try to avoid in order to feel better and to suffer less by depilating yourself. Because we often say that we have to suffer to be beautiful. But we think that it is possible to be beautiful and zen at the same time. Even when it comes to hair removal! Come on, let’s go for our first hair removal mistakes to know!

1. Forgetting to exfoliate one’s skin

Exfoliating your skin is an extremely important step and forgetting it is a serious hair removal mistakes. Indeed, it is important to erase your skin the day before hair removal. Why? Well, because the scrub facilitates hair removal and removes dead skin. So, whether waxing or shaving, you will be better able to remove the hair cleanly and the effect will last longer. One chooses his exfoliating product according to the zone: the more this one is sensitive, the more one will privilege a scrub with fine grains.Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalExfoliating the skin before waxing also reduces the risk of developing ingrown hairs. Exfoliating the skin about twice a week with a gentle scrub is important, but you really insist before each epilation, especially on the depilatory areas: the legs, the shirt etc. For very sensitive areas such as underarms and jerseys, you gently exfoliate to avoid irritating your skin. And we do not exfoliate especially after hair removal! Leave it to the skin for about two days to regenerate. Once done, you can resume your exfoliation routine as if nothing had happened.

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2. Forgetting to hydrate afterward

Hair removal has the gift of drying out your skin, whether it’s razor burn or wax. Your dry skin tends to tug, blush: the feeling is unpleasant. To remedy this, nothing more simple. A lot of moisturizing cream is applied after hair removal and after each shower. Prefer a cream without perfume (those that are scented sometimes contain alcohol, irritating to your skin). Repeat as many times as necessary, until you feel no tugging and dryness.Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalAlways prefer a simple cream, type Dexeryl or other. The fewer additives and chemicals it contains, the better your skin will be. Indeed, your freshly shaved skin is extremely sensitive to the products that are applied to it. Also avoid all products containing paraben, a carcinogen. To stay zen with your skin, let’s stay natural! In addition, hydrate the skin, it’s a good thing!

3. Spray wax too frequently

Waxing has many advantages: the main one is that it lasts much longer than a razor. Indeed, the hair torn off with the bulb take two to four weeks to repel. This method is therefore practical. However, it is painful and you have to learn how to do it correctly. You can use hot wax, which must be melted, or cold wax, easier to use.Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalHowever, when waxing, it is important to maintain a wait time between hair removal to achieve the desired results. Indeed, if the hairs take longer to grow when waxed, it is necessary to wait until they have pushed back to a certain length before epilating them again. On average, we wait two to three weeks between each waxing. If we try to wax before this, the wax will not catch on all the hair and the rendering will not be optimal. Our third hair removal mistakes to avoid is: avoid using wax too often and respect the waiting time between hair removal!

4. Do not apply shaving foam

Another serious hair removal mistakes to avoid? Do not apply cream or shaving foam before shaving your legs! Indeed, the foam or cream moisturizes your skin and protects it from damage that would otherwise happen to the razor blades. Not following this advice can really damage your skin, or even lead you to cut you: which is, on the one hand, painful, but also unattractive and tends to leave scars!Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalChoose a cream or foam the least chemical possible, and if possible without artificial fragrance. Why? Simply because when you shave, particles of foam or cream can penetrate your skin. And if these particles are chemical (and therefore bad for you) you can imagine that it is important to try to prevent them from entering your body. So we always look at the composition of the product we buy. It can not hurt!

5. Shave every day

Shaving every day is also a hair removal mistake to avoid! Why? Well, simply because the fact of waxing with a razor strengthens your hair. Razor hair removal cuts your hair on the surface without tearing the bulb, making it thicker, stronger and allowing it to grow faster. If you get used to shaving your legs every day, your hair may begin to grow in an uncontrollable and fast manner.Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalWe try to space the periods during which we use the razor as a method of hair removal. In addition, we tend to prefer methods such as waxing or epilating, which last longer and weaken your hair instead of strengthening. Promised, your legs will thank you! And when we epile sensitive areas such as armpits or the jersey, we go in the direction of hair growth so as not to create irritation and ingrown hairs.

6. Use bad razor blades

If you decide to opt for the razor as a method of hair removal, avoid buying a razor with bad blades or using a bad razor too long. Indeed, if your razor is not efficient, you may tend to iron several times on the same area (which may cause you to cut yourself accidentally) and your hair removal is not clear. To ensure a perfect rendering, choose your shaver.Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalAnother little tip? Men’s shavers are generally cheaper and more effective. For a non-sensitive area such as legs, you can use a razor for men that will be more effective and will do good to your wallet. Again, do not forget to go gently with the razor and apply the foam or cream beforehand so as not to cause micro-cuts or irritation.

7. Too much eyebrow

Another hair removal mistake to avoid? Too much eyebrow. The purpose of eyebrow waxing is to make the eyebrow line more harmonious and to make it go with your face shape. It is important that you become aware that a successful eyebrow removal has nothing to do with the finesse of these but with their final shape. As a general rule, your eyebrows should start from the stop of your nose and the other end should stop at the outer corner of your eye.Hair Removal Mistakes | 7 errors concerning hair removalIf you respect these proportions and you correctly draw your eyebrows, you should not significantly reduce the thickness. If, however you wish a bigger change, we advise you to carry out a hair removal of the eyebrows in the institute. An eyebrow hair removal over, in particular, will be very effective and accurate. A beautician will know which eyebrow shape suits you best depending on your look but also other elements such as the shape of your face for example.

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