Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraine

10 foods that fight migraine

Did you know that there are foods that fight migraine? Indeed, migraine is caused by several elements that can be quite controlled through the diet. Their effectiveness will, of course, depend on the reason behind your migraine. Once you have determined this one, you will be able to simply choose the foods from this list that are the most appropriate for fighting your headache.

A chronic headache can be caused by fatigue and lack of energy, dehydration or some diseases. It is quite possible to reduce your migraine or to make it disappear completely by paying attention to your diet. It is important for this to adopt a balanced diet, eat everything in reasonable quantity and do not forget to drink a lot of water.

Let’s go for these 10 foods that fight migraine!

1. Salad: A food that fights a migraine

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineA migraine is often linked to a state of dehydration. One of the foods that fight migraine is, therefore, green salad. Indeed, it is a food very rich in water. Lettuce and spinach are particularly effective in this case. They are also high in fiber, which gives you energy while participating in better intestinal transit and rehydration of your body.

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We advise you, if you suffer from migraine problems regularly, to eat green salad and spinach. Iceberg lettuce is extremely rich in water but is not very nutritious. It is, therefore, preferable to choose to consume a mixture of different types of lettuce to benefit not only their moisturizing effects but also their nutritional properties, in order to be healthier and no longer suffer from headaches.

2. The coffee

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineAnother food that fights against a migraine? Coffee. Indeed, coffee can have very positive effects when one suffers from headaches. Caffeine helps reduce the size of blood vessels when they are dilated. If you abuse it, coffee itself can cause headaches because of this property. However, consumed as part of a balanced diet and moderately, it can really overcome a migraine.

Coffee also reduces the level of histamine in the blood, which helps to calm allergic reactions but also reduce the headaches you feel. This anti-allergy property is caused by the antioxidants contained in coffee. Eating a cup of coffee, a day can reduce the number of free radicals in your body and thus prevent the oxidation of your cells, which can reduce migraines and fight against aging.

3. Bananas

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineBananas are not only delicious; they are also part of the food that fight migraine. They contain a significant amount of magnesium, which helps reduce the pain in your head by reducing the pressure in your veins. They also contain potassium, which can really fight against dehydration and restore your electrolyte levels.

These are particularly effective fruits when it comes to fighting the headaches associated with alcohol, which causes severe dehydration. Bananas help fight the symptoms of the “hangover” effectively. After a night of drinking, eating bananas can really make you feel better by stopping nausea, headache and muscle fatigue you feel.

4. The spicy food

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineSpicy food is excellent for health and it is one of the foods that fight migraine. Indeed, consuming spicy food can reduce congestion, especially at the sinus level. Clogged sinuses are one of the most common causes of recurrent headaches. Especially chilies contain vitamin E, which helps reduce headaches. Consuming a little when you have a headache can be extremely effective.

However, we pay attention to spices if we are not used to consuming. It’s not about eating the world’s most spicy pepper, just introducing spices on average or small amounts into your regular diet. In this way, you will suffer much less often from headaches. Chili also helps fight a migraine caused by menstrual symptoms in women!

5. The whole meal bread

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineWholegrain bread is one of the foods that fight migraine. In fact, whole foods and flours release carbohydrates more slowly than flours and processed foods. This allows you to increase your energy, and fight against fatigue. Fatigue is one of the main causes of a migraine. If you have a headache in the morning, you can eat a sandwich of butter on a slice of whole meal bread for example.

Choosing to eliminate processed flours can truly eliminate the symptoms of headaches in people who suffer from them on a regular basis. Whole flours are healthier, easier to digest and assimilate into our bodies. They are also much less caloric. So make a habit of eating whole grain bread instead of white bread if you want to be healthier and less likely to suffer from a migraine.

6. The potatoes

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migrainePotatoes are also one of the foods that help fight headaches. The skin of potatoes is an excellent source of potassium, an element that fights a migraine. Indeed, potassium deficiencies are very common and tend to cause migraines in those who suffer. In the same way, a diet too rich in salt can aggravate these symptoms.

Consuming potatoes with their skin on a regular basis can significantly reduce your migraines. Potatoes are also rich in electrolytes and therefore fight effectively against migraines linked to a state of dehydration. So we can consume them if we have drunk too much, that we just played sports or work a lot to restore electrolytes and feel better.

7. Yogurt

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineYogurt is one of the foods that fight a migraine. Indeed, if you have a low calcium level in the body, you may suffer from a recurring headache. So make sure you consume enough calcium each day. Yogurt is rich in calcium and tastes great. So it is a great way to fight against a migraine while having fun. Prefer Greek yogurt 0% if you are looking to keep the line and stay healthy.

For breakfast, for example, you can eat Greek yogurt with fruits like blackberries, raspberries or strawberries and a drizzle of honey. Yogurt also contains probiotics, that is to say, good bacteria, which help restore your intestinal flora. It fights against inflammation, especially headache and stomach ache. Say yes to yogurt with a headache!

8. The almonds

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineAlmonds are also a food that fights a migraine. A simple handful of almonds can indeed relieve a headache quickly. Almonds contain amino acids that help release serotonin into the blood. Serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel better and less painful. Almonds also contain magnesium, which can lower blood pressure and relax muscles, fighting migraine this way. They also contain salicin, an agent as effective as any painkiller. Rather than take a medicine against a headache, you can try to nibble a handful of almonds! It’s effective and better!

9. Watermelons

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineWatermelons are also part of the food that fights a migraine. It is indeed a delicious way to rehydrate, and consume natural sugars and good for health. Watermelon is extremely rich in water, which helps to overcome migraines related to dehydration. You can eat them as they are or in a smoothie, even frozen or in the form of ice cream or homemade sorbet!

Consuming watermelons in summer is particularly effective in combating headache related to heat and thirst. They are very light and delicious to taste. It is also important to remember to drink water regularly, even if it is very moisturizing. Eating watermelons when you have drunk too much and you do not want to eat is also a good idea: they are easily eaten and are very light in the stomach. When we have a headache, we say yes to the watermelon!

10. The mushrooms

Fight Migraine | 10 foods that fight against migraineMushrooms are also a food that fights a migraine. They are indeed a good source of vitamin B2. This nutrient is important for creating energy at the cell level. A diet rich in vitamin B2 can fight against recurrent migraines. Fungi, broccoli, and spinach are foods that contain a lot of them.

Studies show that riboflavin in mushrooms can restore your body’s energy and encourage the production of red blood cells. Many migraine sufferers suffer from a vitamin B2 deficiency that can be filled by a diet rich in mushrooms. Mushrooms can, therefore, help you regain all your energy and much less suffer from migraines.

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