Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthier

8 simple ways to eat healthier

To eat healthier, just pay attention to what you put on your plate. It is not a question of no longer having fun or depriving oneself, but simply generally to make a small rebalancing in terms of proportions and quantities. Healthy eating is above all eating everything in reasonable quantities, without depriving oneself and having fun from time to time.

In this way, we can stay healthy while enjoying things that make us want. It’s possible! It suffices for that to have the will to achieve it. Are you ready to start? With our advice, you should do it more easily than you think! Here are our 8 simple ways to eat healthier. Our tips are guaranteed without making headaches and effective wish!

1. A balance in your plate

To eat healthier, it is first of all necessary to rebalance the contents of its plate. You can apply the following tip to all meals, or at least one meal a day. Make sure that half of your plate contains a variety of vegetables. It can be anyone, raw or cooked. Your plate should also contain a quarter of protein and a quarter of starchy foods.

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierBy following this rule, you provide your body with the elements it needs without monstrous effort. It’s just about respecting that rule. Moreover, there are no complicated measurements or calculations to make! Measure simply according to the filling of your plate. It is not complicated and it will have great effects on your health. It may seem simple, but it has important effects!

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2. Instead of removing food, add it!

In order to eat healthier, consider adding foods to your daily diet instead of systematically removing them. Yes, it may seem contradictory but it is an important tip to be healthier. If you really want to eat a good pizza from time to time, do it! Instead of depriving yourself, however, think of eating a little salad and fruit next to restore balance.

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierSimilarly, if you love pasta, you can add vegetable protein and vegetables to bring more vitamins and minerals to your body. In addition, you will feel full after your meal and will have less tendency to nibble! It’s not about depriving yourself of the foods that make you happy, but rather about learning to restore balance in your diet so you can change your health habits.

3. Eat more legumes

To eat healthier, nothing like adding legumes to your diet. The benefits of legumes? Their taste is pleasant, and they are foods that stall well and can fight against cravings and snack. In addition, consuming it reduces the risk of developing diabetes during one’s life, as well as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierWhich ones to choose? Well, choose according to your tastes! Lentils, for example, can be eaten hot or cold, in soup or in the natural state, and incorporated in many delicious recipes! Peas are also delicious foods, or beans for example! And did you think about chickpeas? Whether they are a dish, soup or hummus, it is a delicious food and excellent for health!

4. Say yes to the “green smoothie”

To eat healthier, why not incorporate the “green smoothie” into your daily diet? The “green smoothie” is very fashionable and is usually eaten as a breakfast in the morning, or at four o’clock. What is it made of? To you to see: it is a question of mixing good fats, like those contained in the avocados, with vegetal proteins. And preferably, green color!

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierYou can even add chocolate, as in a chocolate and mint smoothie, or mango and turmeric! Choose fruits that you like and that have beneficial effects on your health. Your body will thank you. And you will also be less hungry in the morning! A smoothie, it stalls, it’s quick to do, it’s delicious … and it’s great for your health!

5. Make yourself happy

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierTo eat more healthily, it is necessary to be able to be pleased with time to time! Nothing worse, when you want to adopt a balanced diet than to go drastically. It is important for you to consume foods that you like. Sugars and fats are absolutely not to be eradicated! As with everything, it’s all about knowing how to dose! So allow yourself to enjoy this ice cream you want without guilt! It’s just a question of not abusing it. Eating is also a pleasure. It is important to maintain a good relationship with food to be healthy.

6. Do not say no to fats!

To eat healthier, we say yes to fat in his diet! You heard right! It’s a fact: your body needs good fats to function properly. Whether it’s your brain, your nervous system, your cells or even your muscles. Fats are part of a balanced diet, whether we like it or not. Some vitamins are absorbed by your body only if you consume fats!

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierIt is, of course, necessary to limit this fat intake so that it remains correct. And did you know that “light” foods were worse for health than food as is? Indeed, when we remove the fat naturally present in a food, it is necessary to add additives (chemical) so that the taste and texture do not change. In fact, “light” products are chemical, and bad for health. So choose to consume your food with their natural fat content … or not to consume them at all!

7. Learn how to cook vegetables

In order to eat healthier, there’s nothing like learning to cook vegetables in various forms. It is a fact: the taste of food attracts us more than their potential virtues for our health. So it’s important to know how to make healthy foods taste great! And for that, just know how to prepare them properly. For example, most nutritionists recommend eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierDo you love burgers? Well, you will have the opportunity to eat a vegetarian burger to fill up with vitamins while making you happy! Promised, it’s delicious! And why not embellish your favorite vegetable pasta? Or your pizzas? Nothing better than tying a dish that makes you happy with foods that make you feel good for a perfect healthy compromise! It’s simple as hello!

8. Follow your instinct … and your hunger!

Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthierTo eat healthier, it is important to learn how to eat according to your hunger. If you are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat and if you are hungry, eat something! Nothing simpler, and yet nothing more important! It’s all about what you eat, not when you eat it! If you have small cravings during the day, keep an apple in your bag just in case! Dried fruits are also a very good alternative: they stall well and are very nutritious.


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