10 Makeup tips for a successful job interview

In a successful job interview, the key is to give an excellent first impression. Even if the appearance is not everything, it is important to feel good in one’s body and in one’s head on this occasion, to breathe the confidence in oneself and thus make the person to be faced want to recontact us. It is sometimes difficult to know what is done and what is not done in makeup for an interview! And when it comes to first impressions, we only have one chance, so our make-up has to be successful.

Indeed, the look that your future employer takes on your wardrobe and make-up is of paramount importance in his decision to retain you or not. So, to be Zen during your interviews, we found for you 10 makeup tips for a successful job interview! We guarantee it, follow these steps, and you will not be disappointed!

Here we explain 10 makeup tips for a successful job interview

1. A good foundation

Foundation is the foundation of your makeup. It smoothes your complexion and automatically makes it clearer and radiant. So this is a step to remember unless you have naturally perfect skin and flawless (we too would like!). We advise you to choose your foundation based on your complexion to make your makeup for a successful job interview. In the store, test the foundation on your hand and be careful to choose a color that suits you, neither too light nor too dark.

successful job interviewApply it also on the neck so as not to have an unsightly mark. Finally, choose it according to your skin type. If your skin is oily, prefer a compact powder foundation. The foundation can be your ally as your worst enemy according to the use you make of it, know it! So we avoid disasters and we pay attention to choosing his foundation. If you have doubts about the color that goes with his complexion, we do not hesitate to seek advice from a consultant in store!

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2. An effective corrector

When one is in job search, one is sometimes tired or stressed. It is normal that it feels on our skin, through the appearance of small pimples or dark circles. To combat them, a good corrector is your ally. It will mask better these small imperfections, and will give you even more confidence in you! Indeed, if you feel good about yourself during the successful job interview, you are more likely to land the job of your dreams.

Choose the corrector according to your complexion. You can choose a lighter shade, it will brighten your eyes. It is applied to the buttons, the rings (by tapping, not spreading) and it covers with powder so that it holds. If you want to use it on your buttons, take care to use a color as close as possible to your skin (a lighter color would draw attention to it, which is not the desired effect). That’s it!

3. Do not forget the blush

To give you a radiant complexion and pink cheeks, nothing like blush. Choose the color according to what you like and the season. Darker hues are preferred in autumn and winter and lighter pinks in spring and summer. The blush is easy to use and has the advantage of looking good under all circumstances. That’s why it can be ingenious to wear during a successful job interview: it gives you a fresh and awake while remaining natural and discreet. If you apply it correctly, you can not know that you wear it but the effect is remarkable: a little something that looks good and looks happy!

successful job interviewApply it sparingly, you do not want to end up with two pink circles on your cheeks! Let’s stay stylish, ladies! And for blush no matter the brand as long as the product is sufficiently pigmented and the color is suitable for your skin. Always ask a store advisor for advice on which shades to avoid and which ones would be best for you. If you have doubts about its application and the brush to use, it will also give you the best information. For us, the ideal is to use a beveled powder brush.

4. Highlight your eyes

Your look is a major asset during a successful job interview. It shows your interest in the company, your motivation, and your curiosity. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So our makeup advice for an interview: highlight your eyes. A fine eyeliner line and well-applied mascara will do the trick. Your eyes will look bigger, your eyes deeper and in fact, the expressions of your eyes will be more visible to your employer.

successful job interviewVisible or poorly applied eyeshadows that can shrink and darken the eyes are avoided at all costs. We put everything on the line of eyeliner and the volume of eyelashes. They give an air both feminine and professional, which are perfect for maintenance. Plus, we love the fact that our eyes look bigger and softer with liner and mascara. Class and efficient!

5. The lipstick

Another makeup advice for a successful job interview? Apply lipstick. The choice of the color of this one is however crucial. For maintenance, we avoid at all costs childish colors like candy pink or too showy as a carmine red. We prefer a light rosewood or a nude lipstick. If you are used to wearing red lipstick, do not change your habits but prefer a red burgundy. No matter the color, always prefer a matte to a bright one. And take care to check that it is well applied, that it does not dry your lips and that you do not have on the teeth!

successful job interviewThe lipstick gives a touch of femininity to your look, but it must be well chosen to match the occasion. Indeed, in a professional context, it is important to be more classic and sober than in his everyday life where we can afford a little more fantasy. So we focus on the inevitable and of course the colors that you like and that you go. If you are not used to wearing lipstick, prefer a tinted lip balm or a nude color. If, on the other hand, you are used to red, that you know how to apply it and that you do not see yourself without, do not hesitate! The ideal is to wear a lipstick that gives you confidence!

6. Adapt according to the company and the sector

Depending on the sector and the company you want to work in, the makeup that will make the best impression during an interview will be different. If you are looking for a job in a major cosmetics store, you will have more freedom in makeup for an interview. A recruiting session for hostesses, for example, often gives rise to specific makeup and hairstyling instructions (red lipstick, bunny dancer etc.). So do research on the company but also on the position you want busy so as not to miss, which would be a shame.

Also, it is important to learn about the company before thinking about dress and make-up. What a recruiter is looking for is someone who can represent the image of his company and with whom he sees himself having a working relationship. Your research and information on company codes is therefore essential and will have a real impact on the employer’s decision to retain you or not.

7. Stay classic

successful job interviewIn doubt, we cling to what is timeless and pleases the greatest number. Mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick are the three elements you can rest on: they fit all types of workstations and are easy to apply. We avoid attempting the smoky-eye, contouring, strobing or other new techniques that require a little more control and time. For an interview, we go to the simplest not to miss! It would be a shame to experiment and not feel good with the makeup that is worn or to achieve an unsightly result that could give a bad impression to the recruiter. So we choose the elements with which we can not go wrong!

8. Avoid glaring colors

When making makeup for a successful job interview, we avoid at all costs glaring colors that could be considered inappropriate or divert the attention of your recruiter. So no blue or pink eyeshadow, no fuschia lipstick or colored mascara. The natural shades are your allies in your job search because they give an air “makeup without being too makeup”, perfect to combine elegance, sobriety, and simplicity: the three key elements of makeup for a successful interview.

Indeed, you are looking to look neat, not too primed. It is therefore important to pay attention to certain elements. If you apply a lipstick of color, you forget the eyeshadow and vice versa. Timeless advice: at the level of makeup is either the eyes or the mouth, never both!

9. “Less is more”

This makeup tip for an interview joins the previous one. To avoid the looks that might not appeal to a recruiter, we apply the technique of “less is more” that is to say “to do less is to do more”! We spend time tweaking the most important steps and we avoid the superfluous. We choose a light makeup, which shows that we made the effort to be treated without spending too much time and effort. Indeed, it is not your physical qualities and makeup that will make you get the job of your dreams or not, but your skills, your talent, and your motivation.

The role of your maintenance makeup is above all to make you feel good about yourself so that you can give the best of yourself without worry. To avoid, therefore, the eyebrows too drawn, the techniques of contouring, the bronzer which, badly applied, does not have a good rendering, the mascara which leaves packets in the eyelashes. We avoid the no makeup but we say yes to light makeup and well done.

10. Do not forget the manicure!

successful job interviewYour hands say a lot about you. If they are neglected, they could give a bad impression of you. So we avoid at all costs scalp varnish, nails gnawed (or so we put false nails for the occasion), varnish too fancy (we prefer a nude varnish to a red) and excessively long nails. Your hands must look neat but keep a sober and professional look. So we avoid false glittering nails or rhinestones, childish colors, and manicure … We prefer the nude or pale pink varnish and categorically banished black, fuchsia and red to slamming. Beautiful hands in the natural, nothing like a successful job interview!

And you, do you have makeup tips for a successful job interview to share with us?

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