10 Tips how to rebalance your hormones in natural ways

10 natural ways to rebalance your hormones

In our lifetime, our hormone levels tend to change continuously. However, it is sometimes necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle to rebalance its hormones. They have a real role in our health and well-being. There are simple and natural methods to rebalance your hormones without much effort. By doing this, you will give a real boost to your health.

To be healthier, paying attention to having well-balanced hormones is indeed a great idea. And a simple thing that plays a lot on our hormone levels? Our diet, simply. By paying attention to what you eat, but also to what you apply to your skin and what you use every day, you can make sure you have more rebalanced hormones.

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1. Eat healthy fats

To rebalance your hormones, consuming healthy fats is important. Healthy fats such as those in coconut oil and avocado, for example, have multiple benefits to our health. The fatty acids in these foods help our body produce the right amount of hormones it needs to function optimally. They also have properties that allow them to boost metabolism, produce less cholesterol and lose weight.

10 Tips how to rebalance your hormones in natural waysSo eat regularly avocados and salmon for example. Prefer to use coconut oil for cooking, healthier than sunflower oil. These foods are excellent for your hormones but also for your health in general. They will improve your heart health, control your appetite and provide vitamins and minerals essential for your health, such as potassium for example.

2. Herbs that can help you

To rebalance your hormones, some herbs can help. There are so-called adapt genic herbs. These plants have the property to play on your hormonal balance in a natural way and protect your body from certain diseases, even diseases caused by stress. These plants also help make your immune system more efficient and control the level of insulin in the blood.

10 Tips how to rebalance your hormones in natural waysAdapt genic plants also have the ability to lower cholesterol, help the adrenal glands function better, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve thyroid function. Some names of plants of this type? Ginseng, ashwagandha, Tribulus, cordyceps, Rhodiola, maca and shisandra. Royal jelly is also an adaptogenic food.

3. Say yes to omega 3 and omega 6

Omega 3s are also extremely effective at rebalancing hormones. These are fatty acids that not only allow our body and brain to make more cells but also to maintain balanced hormone levels, fight against neuronal degeneration and simply improve our health significantly. Foods containing omega 6 are routinely replaced by those containing omega 3.

Indeed, omega 6 is contained in foods such as corn, sunflower or peanut and especially the oils extracted from these products. They have a negative effect on our health. It is therefore important to favor a consumption of foods with a high concentration of omega 3. Some butter is enriched in omega 3: it may be interesting to consume. In addition, you can eat foods such as rapeseed oil, cod liver oil or flaxseed.

4. Pay attention to your digestive system

To rebalance your hormones, it is important to pay attention to your digestive system. Indeed, many of our hormones are related to our digestive system. It is therefore important to move away from foods that can cause an imbalance in the digestive system. These foods include processed foods, gluten, hydrogenated oils and added sugars (not naturally present in foods).

Foods that have positive effects on the digestive system and therefore allow your body to produce hormones in a reasonable amount are fermented vegetables, foods rich in fiber or some seeds sprouted. You can also take supplements of digestive enzymes and probiotics to repair your digestive system and have a better balance of hormones.

5. Eliminate toxic products from everyday life

To rebalance its hormones, it is important to pay attention to its consumption of certain foods but also to its use of some everyday products. Indeed, cosmetic products, in particular, contain some products playing with your hormonal balance. Endocrine disruptors are present in many of the cosmetics we use every day. It is therefore important to remain vigilant.

10 Tips how to rebalance your hormones in natural waysTo avoid being confronted with hormonal problems related to cosmetics and everyday consumer products, just pay attention to what you buy. We say no to paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, or BPA. It is important to read the labels before buying products and to buy the most natural products possible, especially if applied to your skin or hair.

6. Play sports

Playing sports is also a great way to rebalance your hormones. Indeed, the sport has a positive effect on your hormones since it allows you to lower your appetite, boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation but also reduce your stress levels. In addition, running or doing an intense physical activity can raise levels of hormones such as testosterone or endorphins.

Of course, it is a question of practicing a regular but not excessive sporting activity. Training for 20 minutes three times a week can largely be enough to rebalance its hormones if the sporting activity is sufficiently intensive. Take advantage of running or home biking for example, which can easily be implemented in your weekly organization. So let’s go for a more regular physical activity!

7. Reduce stress

To rebalance your hormones, paying attention to your stress levels is also a very good idea. Stress indeed has the ability to change our hormone levels negatively. Stress is also related to our sleep. Indeed, the hormone responsible for the regulation of stress, cortisol, is regulated at midnight. People going to bed late are therefore much more likely to be stressed and suffer from hormonal imbalance.

10 Tips how to rebalance your hormones in natural waysIt is therefore important to go to bed at reasonable times so as not to have a significant hormonal imbalance. And it’s also important to know that going to bed early is better than waking up late. Therefore, we prefer to ban fat mornings. Nighttime sleep is the most restorative and will have a better impact on your hormonal balance effectively.

8. Watch out for caffeine and alcohol

To rebalance your hormones, consuming less coffee and alcohol is also an important step. Indeed, caffeine, if consumed in excess, has the same effect on our body as if we did not sleep enough. Consuming too much caffeine also tends to increase stress, and therefore impact on our hormone production in general. We are therefore very careful to limit our coffee consumption.

Consuming matcha green tea is a good alternative to coffee. It restores energy to the person who drinks it, without having a negative impact on hormones and health. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption has a negative impact on our health, drastically increasing our estrogen levels. This can trigger diseases in the liver, pancreas, immune system and reproductive system.

9. Take vitamin D supplements

To rebalance its hormones, consuming vitamin D is also a trick that works. Vitamin D does indeed have a positive impact on our hormone production and acts in our body as a hormone. Indeed, vitamin D helps to reduce inflammation in our body and to avoid certain diseases such as seasonal depression for example. It is therefore important to consume it regularly in food or tablets.

However, the first source of vitamin D is the sun! It is, therefore, necessary to expose oneself to the sun a little each day. However, we pay attention to the sun! It is important not to expose yourself to the sun too much, and always be careful to use sunscreen and wear a hat or cap to avoid sunstroke. If we can not expose ourselves to the sun, we simply choose to take vitamin D supplements and that’s it.

10. Pay attention to the pill

10 Tips how to rebalance your hormones in natural waysTo rebalance its hormones, it is important to pay attention to the contraceptive pill. Indeed, the very principle of it involves touching the level of estrogen. Any external factors affecting a person’s hormone level can potentially have negative effects on them. If you suffer from low hormonal problems, it is important to change your contraceptive and not to take the pill.

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