Cyst Malignant | 7 tips to recognize a cyst malignant

7 Tips to identify a cyst malignant

A cutaneous cyst malignant is a mobile size that appears on the surface of the skin. It may vary in size, appearance, and color. Most cysts are benign: they will not cause any complications. However, some cysts are malignant. This means that they can be a sign of cancer. When you have a cyst it is important to try to determine if it is benign or malignant. Here are some tips for recognizing a cyst.

There are several things you can do to help you understand if your cyst is malignant or benign. Some signs should alert you and push you to see a doctor as soon as possible. But in general, when you have a cyst, you always think of bringing it to a doctor so that he can tell you if it is malignant or benign. This list is only there to inform you: do not use it as a self-diagnostic tool.

1. A change of color

One thing to consider in recognizing a cyst malignant? A color change of the cyst in question. Indeed, when you have a cyst, it is important to monitor this one. It should have one and the same color in all places. Some colors are more likely to be found in cysts than others. If your cyst is black, gray or more than one color, it is important that you show it to a doctor.Cyst Malignant | 7 tips to recognize a cyst malignantA drastic change in color is also something that should alert you and you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If your cyst goes from pink to black, for example, it is important that you make an appointment to see the doctor as soon as possible to have it examined. He alone will be able to see whether he is benign or clever and whether it is necessary to have him removed.

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2. A change in his appearance

If you have a cyst and you notice that it has changed recently, be it its appearance, its size, its color, its shape or its texture, it may be ‘a clever cyst. Indeed, to recognize a cyst malignant, we must pay attention to the appearance of it. When it comes to a skin cyst, any change is a bad sign. So we talk about it as soon as possible to his doctor.

Indeed, if your cyst changes shape or color quickly, it means that it is evolving. However, its evolution could denote an evolution in the tumor for example. This should never be taken lightly or ignored. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. We are therefore careful to check his cyst from time to time by looking for any changes in the cyst.

3. A painful cyst

To recognize a painful cyst, it is important to pay attention to one’s feelings. If one of your cysts hurts you, this may be a sign that it is changing. This is probably a malignant cyst. If you touch it and it seems soft and malleable, it should be considered potentially dangerous. We consult immediately his doctor so that it decides the best solution.Cyst Malignant | 7 tips to recognize a cyst malignantA healthy cyst should roll under the skin and not hurt or scratch you as if it were any healthy part of your skin. As soon as these signs appear, it is therefore important to make the necessary arrangements and to consult your doctor so that you can have your doctor examined. Of course, it is not necessarily a tumor or cancer but it could be the case if you do not pay enough attention! So we apply the saying: prevention is better than cure!

4. The size of the cyst

To recognize a cyst malignant, one must also take its size into consideration. Indeed, benign cysts never exceed a size of 6 mm. If you have a cyst that seems larger than that or has grown over time, you should definitely consult a doctor. When a cyst evolves, it is never a good sign and it often denotes an anomaly in it. Only a health examination can determine whether it is cancerous or not.

5. If he does not seem to heal

Your cyst has just appeared and it seems to bleed or peel without ever healing, this is a sign that it is probably infectious and/or cancerous. If despite all the care that you bring, that you disinfect often, apply creams, let it breathe in the open air etc it still does not seem to cure, it is important to consult your doctor quickly.Cyst Malignant | 7 tips to recognize a cyst malignantIndeed, if a cyst injury seems to take forever to recover or even worsen, it probably means that there is a problem with it. It could be several things, an infection at the level of it as a malignant tumor being formed. So we do not take the unnecessary risk for his health and we go as quickly as possible to a doctor for treatment.

6. If he is bleeding or peeling

To recognize a cyst malignant, it is important to pay attention to the bleeding. But also to the feeling that one has at the touch of it. A cyst that feels soft, dry, hard on the surface or scratches is a bad sign. Similarly, if the cyst tends to bleed or the skin on its surface begins to peel, it is important to have it examined by a doctor promptly.Cyst Malignant | 7 tips to recognize a cyst malignantAgain, a healthy cyst should be like the rest of your skin. And not bother you or cause any particular sensations. If this is the case, it is important to consult a doctor promptly to have it removed. This one is not necessarily cancerous or clever but the fact that it causes you unpleasant sensations means that it is necessary to worry about a minimum. Similarly, crusts appear on the surface.

7. Family history

To recognize a cyst malignant, it is also useful to pay attention to the family history of the person concerned. Indeed, many health problems are related to heredity, and cases of skin cancer associated with cysts or moles are often linked to a family history. If you have a cyst and you have a history of cysts in your family, you need to be extra careful.Cyst Malignant | 7 tips to recognize a cyst malignantThis factor is also taken into account and a doctor’s cyst is promptly examined if it is felt to be caused by a family history. Once again, it’s better to go to the doctor’s office just to make a situation worse. So we do not hesitate to examine all his cysts as soon as possible!

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