Breast Cancer | 9 good steps take to prevent breast cancer

How to prevent breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent in the world, accounting for 1/4 of new cancers diagnosed each year. In 8 out of 10 cases breast cancers affect women over 50 years old. Although the percentage remains low, it can also affect men.

Breast cancers remain the number one cancer in women, with 1 in 8 women developing cancer in their lifetime. It is also the leading cause of death in women. Although the average age of diagnosis is 63, it is important that all women have the right reflexes as soon as possible to prevent the onset of this cancer.

Here are some ways to prevent breast cancer

1. Exercise regularly

This adage is valid regardless of your health, your age or your sex if you want to stay healthy and give your body weapons to fight the harmful effects of time passing. Regular exercise offers a lot of benefits to your body and your body. For example, it will improve and maintain your cardiovascular health. Regular physical activity will strengthen your immune system and the defenses your body puts in place to protect itself. If you ever have breast cancer, exercising your physical activity to the limit of your ability and ability will continue to give your body the weapons it needs to keep itself in the best energy possible and he can better fight cancer. Do not try to outdo yourself in extreme sports.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerSports activity also offers a lot of benefits, not only physical but also psychological. Sport can help you change your mind and keep your spirits high. Good mental health is essential to fight cancer in general and breast cancers in particular.

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2. Control your weight

It is common knowledge that to be in good health, one must practice a regular physical activity while maintaining an ideal weight of health. After menopause, the period when breast cancer appears predominantly in women, weight gain is very easy and generally requires a lot of effort to be controlled. Excess weight has a recognized role in the development of cancer, that’s why we should not let the pounds settle.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerIn addition, the subcutaneous fat of women, which develops in rapid and consistent weight gain, stimulates an enzyme, aromatase. This enzyme has a direct impact on your body since it transforms the male hormones in your body, androgens, into female hormones, estrogen. These have a known and proven role in the development and development of breast cancer. It has been proven that women who have gained a lot of weight compared to their 18-year-olds are more likely to be affected by breast cancers. Being overweight also decreases your chances of successfully fighting cancer.

3. Have a good diet

Controlling weight gain is often associated with having the most healthy and balanced diet possible. It is therefore advisable to limit the consumption of foods without nutritional values ​​that are high in fat, sodium or sugar. It is recommended to eat as little processed food or prepared meals as possible. These foods contain an impressive number of chemicals, preservatives, fats, and sugar but above all, they are very rich in hydrogenated fatty acids or fats.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerTaking care of the quality of your diet is important to be in good general health but also to prevent the risks of breast cancers. Breast cancer is twice as common among women with high levels of “trans” fatty acids in their blood, which are mostly found in processed foods of industrial origin. Remember to focus on fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and help reduce the risk of cancer. A woman over 19 should consume 7 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

4. Stop smoking

As a rule, tobacco is bad for you and your body. In addition to the damage done to your respiratory organs, it accelerates the aging of your cells and body. Because of this premature aging, your body is less armed and less able to fight the development of malignant tumors including breast cancer.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerTobacco is mainly associated with cancers of the throat, tongue, and lungs, but it plays a key role in the development of breast cancers. When smoking or being exposed to tobacco fumes, you expose your body to a large number of very dangerous toxins that promote breast cancer. If you can not stop smoking, do not hesitate to ask for help, different options and health professionals can accompany you.

5. Watch out for your alcohol consumption

Alcohol, even at low doses, is harmful to your health. Indeed, it has been shown that alcohol consumption plays a major role in the development of breast cancers. Drinking one or two drinks a day increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 30%.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerIngesting alcohol changes your metabolism and has a direct impact on your estrogen, which promotes the development of breast cancers. If you do not want to stop your consumption, consider reducing the amount and frequency of alcohol ingestion.

6. A baby before 30 years

It is obvious that it is easier to control one’s diet and weight gain than to have a child. But if you have the choice, know that to make a child before 30 years will cause a complete maturation of your mammary glands. This phenomenon plays an important role in slowing the degeneration and aging of your breast cells, and you will be better protected against the risk of cancer.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerThe maturation of the mammary glands is accentuated and more significant if you breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding also lowers the level of estrogen present in your breasts which has a direct link with the reduction of cancer risks. Breastfeeding for at least 6 months would significantly increase the benefits of pregnancy on your mammary glands.

7. Know your family history

Breast cancer can occur in women who have no family history but it is also inherited. Breast cancers is not contagious, but if there are breast cancers cases in your family, including on your father’s side. You should know this and talk to your doctor about it.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerBreast cancer can be caused by a genetic mutation that will be hereditary. 5 to 10% of breast cancers are hereditary forms. If you have a history of breast cancers in your family you will be more likely than others to be affected by this disease and more often the age of onset of cancer is earlier, that is to say before 40 years old.

8. Know your chest

It is important that every woman takes the time to know her chest. So that she can better detect any change in density or appearance and the appearance of masses. Breast cancer, like all types of cancer, can develop very quickly and worsen dramatically if left untreated. It is for this reason that you must put all the chances on your side with a good knowledge of your body.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerA self-examination of the breasts takes place in two stages. First, take the time to observe your chest. Control your nipples, they must be symmetrical and of the same size. Lean forward and raise your arms so you can see if an irregularity or deformation appears. Then go to the second phase by auto-palpating. Lie on your back with a cushion under your shoulders. Place your opposite hand on your breast flat and roll it under your palm. With your fingers, you can also feel the hollow of your armpits to control the eventual appearance of mass.

9. Do not hesitate to consult

If you are not sure about yourself, what you feel or the slightest doubt, you should not ask yourself questions and go to your doctor as soon as possible. He can also show you the right things to do to make an effective and accurate self-examination of your chest.

Breast Cancer | 9 good steps to take to prevent breast cancerIf you notice something that you think is abnormal, a mass, nipple discharge, an irregularity, do not take any chances and consult a health professional. Your doctor may also prescribe an annual check mammogram in addition to the test. Which must be done at least once a year.

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