5 Signs of breast cancers that you did not know

Breast cancers is a serious disease affecting more and more women. It is characterized by a tumor forming in the tissues of one or more breasts. Diagnosed in time, breast cancer can be treated. It is therefore important to learn to recognize certain signs that should alert you. Some of the signs of breast cancer are well known, but some are often ignored. A little-known sign of breast cancer spotted in time can save your life.

Here are 5 signs of breast cancer that you did not know. If you notice any of these signs in your chest, see a doctor as soon as possible. Prevention is better than cure. And indeed, this simple gesture could truly save your life. We are therefore very careful! Breast cancers is a deadly disease. But the signs are not difficult to detect. So we pay careful attention to prevent the worst … and avoid it!

1. Red and irritated skin

An unknown sign of breast cancers? Red and irritated skin If you have red and abnormally irritated skin on your breasts, it could be tumor formation. Similarly, if you notice a dark spot on one of your breasts or both, this is not a good sign. If you notice redness that seems to heat your breasts, it is also important for you to see a doctor as soon as possible!

Breast Cancers Symptoms| 5 signs of breast cancer that you did not knowAn orange peel appearance on your breasts can also be a sign of breast cancer. We are therefore extremely careful about this. Indeed, a tumor could block the channels present inside your breasts and thus give them a rough appearance, like that of the skin of an orange. Eczema in your breasts is also a reason to run at your gynecologist as soon as possible!

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2. Anomalies in the nipples

If you notice abnormalities in your nipples, it may be an unknown sign of breast cancers. An inverted nipple, for example, can be a sign. Indeed, a tumor present under the skin of your breast could alter the shape of your nipples and give them an inverted appearance. When touching your breasts to check for cysts or tumors, be sure to check your nipples as well.

In addition, if a liquid escapes from your nipples, it can also be a sign of breast cancer. Indeed, breasts are supposed to release a liquid during pregnancy: breast milk. However, if you notice that blood or pus escapes from your nipples when you press them lightly, it is a very bad sign. Go to your gynecologist as soon as possible. In terms of tumors and cancer, prevention is better than cure.

3. Size discrepancies

If you notice abnormalities in the size of your breasts, this may be an unknown sign of breast cancers. Indeed, although the size of your breasts may change over time with hormones and weight gain or loss, it is important to note any drastic and unexpected changes. In addition, if one of your breasts seems recently more swollen than the other, it can be a sign of cancer.

Breast Cancers Symptoms| 5 signs of breast cancer that you did not knowIf you notice cysts in your armpits or breasts, consult a doctor. Especially if they are abnormally painful. In addition, if one of your breasts appears swollen compared to the other and looks a bit red, this could be a sign that a tumor is forming. We, therefore, pay careful attention to this to avoid possible complications. When in doubt, consult your gynecologist.

4. Changes in color or texture

A change in the color or texture of your breasts or nipples is also a sign that should not be ignored. Indeed, the formation of a tumor alters the appearance of your breasts in different ways. If your nipples seem lighter or darker than usual, this may be a sign. If the halo around your nipple seems less well marked than usual or even darker or lighter, this can also be a sign.

It is important to remember that when it comes to breast cancers, the moment it is diagnosed changes everything. In fact, cancer diagnosed in stage II is easier to treat than if it had been diagnosed in stage III or IV. It is therefore important to remember to always pay attention to the signs. It may seem trivial, but some innocuous things have an extraordinarily important effect on our lives. We do not play with his health!

5. Any change in the breasts can be a sign

It is important to note that any change in the breasts may be an unknown sign of breast cancers. Indeed, the appearance of your breasts is not supposed to change suddenly and strongly. Some hormonal changes or weight loss and weight gain slightly affect their size. However, any irregular and visible change is a bad sign. Similarly, it is important to try to massage the breasts as often as possible to identify any potential problem.

Breast Cancers Symptoms| 5 signs of breast cancer that you did not knowA cyst is not necessarily visible, but it can often be spotted. The sooner it is spotted, the more likely it will be to remove it before it becomes a problem. We also pay attention to these signs that seem different from those usually mentioned when it comes to cancer. We, therefore, pay attention to the redness, the color, the shape of the nipples but also to possible rash and unpleasant sensations. It could save your life.

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