Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatter

15 Tips to get your breasts bigger

To be happy with oneself and one’s beauty … this is what women are looking for, right? But we women are not always satisfied with what we see in the mirror … when we look at each other. How much do we spend each year to remove cellulite, strengthen our skin and always look more beautiful? There are many techniques, more or less effective, and more or less easy, for not having recourse to the plastic surgery (which costs expensive and which is not very natural … Yes, let’s say it … it is noticed from go to the scalpel.

One of the biggest problems and the biggest complexes of many women is the size of the breasts. Although we are often told that breast size does not matter, it is always nice to feel like a woman with a healthy pair of healthy ones (and to be desired, it must be said!).

So if you are also looking to make your breasts fatter, know that there are tips that will help you a lot. You will never go from an A cup to the D cup, but these 15 tips can make your breasts bigger.

We discover 15 tips to increase your breasts

1. Exercise

Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatterIt is often said that exercise is the best medicine for almost anything. Well, it’s true! Exercising strengthens your mood, helps you lose weight, helps to overcome anxiety and depression, and can help you get your breasts bigger.

Some workouts can make your breasts bigger. You can talk to your coach. Among the best exercises, you can note the Cross Push with alters, exercises of sheathing (pullover, plank walk etc.) as well as exercises with the butterfly (or “Butterfly”) This will help you to tone the muscles of your breasts, firm up your healthy and so make them look bigger.

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2. Drink papaya juice and milk every day

Incorporate milk and papaya juice into your daily diet and you’ll see that it’s a way to make your breast fat. Indeed, milk and papaya juice contain vitamins and minerals that promote breast growth. If you can not prepare papaya juice, you can simply eat it in a fruit salad or put in your smoothies. Good to know: banana milkshakes can also help you to get breasts bigger. Yum!

3. Natural creams for breasts bigger

Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatterWe agree; these creams will not allow you to make your breasts fat, but to strengthen (and therefore look bigger!). It is essential to take care of your breasts daily. Attention, we advise you to buy only creams for the breasts with natural ingredients only (do not put anything on your breasts!). Good to know: herbal creams are very good and often natural.

4. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are not miracle seeds, but almost … they contain phytoestrogens, a kind of plant estrogen that promotes breast growth. Be careful, do not expect to see quick results. Flax seeds are an extra element to make your breast fat; when consumed in moderation, flaxseed improves the growth of breast tissue and causes it to grow more. You can add flax seeds to your oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies and/or sprinkle with your salad.

5. Try the herbs

Like fruits and vegetables, herbs often have many health benefits. Red clover, licorice, fennel, dwarf palm, fenugreek, wild yam and sheep sorrel are some of the best for your breasts. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about which herbs you should take.

6. Marshmallow root

Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatterMarshmallow root is a well-known plant (and yes, it was originally used in the making of Chamallows) which is usually sold in capsule form.

Many women use marshmallow root to increase their breasts quickly. However, it should be noted that it is more than advisable to consult your doctor before starting a cure. Why this? – you will tell us. The problem with marshmallow root is that it can be a problem if you take other medications (which may be ineffective). So before taking any dietary supplement, be sure to inform your doctor.

7. The contraceptive pill

For many years, women have been taking contraceptive pills not only to avoid getting pregnant but also to have more regular periods … and to have bigger breasts.

Nobody is ignorant of this technique which allows quickly and easily to have larger breasts. Contraceptive pills contain estrogen that helps promote breast growth. If your doctor recommends taking the pill, why not? But if it does not help (aside from making your breast fat) then look for a natural way to make your breasts bigger, because the pill is unnatural and can have many side effects.

8. The push-up exercises

Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatterWe talked about it in the first point, doing exercise helps to strengthen your chest and make them bigger. Push-up exercises help to tone your whole body (not just your chest). Push-up exercises are difficult, but they promise impressive results.

9. Protein intakes

Increase your protein intake to stimulate your breasts! Eating unbalanced is one of the causes of breasts without vitality, so be sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods such as nuts, milk, eggs, lean fish, peanut butter, chicken, pumpkin seeds, Greek yogurt and others. Eliminate sugary drinks (nasty sodas …), fast food and some processed foods that are not good for you (nasty dishes).

10. Breast massage

There are many benefits to massaging the breasts regularly. Not only will this make your breasts firmer, but also make them fatter. If you are doing a chest massage at home, make sure you do it properly. Consult your gynecologist to learn the most effective chest massage techniques. The results can greatly surprise you! Massaging helps to increase the blood flow and circulation of phytoestrogens present in the blood. This stimulates the production of prolactin that promotes breast growth.

11. Say goodbye to your bad habits

Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatterBelieve it or not, but your bad habits can stop the growth of your breasts. Smoking, for example, would prevent breasts from developing. Just like alcohol, bad for the body in high doses, can damage your breasts … not to mention cancer … Drinking too much coffee, working too much (stress!) And not lack of sleep each night, are other things you need to get rid of today.

12. Add estrogen-rich foods to your diet

It has been shown that foods rich in estrogen can help increase the size of your breasts. Of course, this does not mean that you have to eat foods containing estrogen all day to see fast results. Consume foods rich in estrogen, such as soy foods, fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs, seeds of anise, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds for example, can improve the development of your breasts.

13. Household chores yourself

This will displease the most feminist among us … indeed, modern women cannot imagine their lives without vacuum cleaners, home brewers, slow cookers, and other devices that make our daily lives easier. But doing the chores yourself allows you to perform arm movements, and therefore to make your breasts fatten … by cons do not reveal that to men … they will necessarily come out when they do not want to do the housework.

14. Healthy fats

Breasts Bigger | 15 Natural tips to make your breasts fatterAll fats are not bad. To stay healthy, but also to develop your breast, avoid consuming bad fats and processed vegetable oils and focus on healthy fats. In addition, they will not make you fat. Eggs, fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and trout), walnuts, avocados, olive oil, peanut butter and beans – all of which are excellent sources of healthy fats and help to make to enlarge your breasts.

15. Increase your vitamin intake

Vitamin deficiencies can affect your health and growth your breasts. The vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin A helps to improve skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration. Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in the formation of red blood cells. Finally, vitamin E helps reduce the risk of breast cancer!

The main advice can give you at the moment is to love your body no matter how big your chest. There is no complex to have small breasts. After all, a lot of guys say they like women with small breasts.

Feel free to share with us, your tips for having a bigger breast in the comments. Thank you for reading us.

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