How do curtains reduce heat loss?

Curtains are a brilliant way to bring some style and luxury to your windows and you use a Curtain Makers Southwark way such as to have some curtains designed that are a reflection of your personality and the atmosphere that you are hoping to achieve in your rooms. As well as being a part of your overall decor, curtains can also help you to reduce the heat that is lost from your home and this in return can then help to reduce your energy bills in the colder, wetter months.

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There are a number of ways that curtains can help reduce heat loss and their overall effectiveness will depend on the type, style and thickness of curtain that you choose.

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Draughts – curtains can help prevent draughts from entering your rooms as they provide a barrier between the window and the room. This of course is only effective when the curtains are closed. Curtains can help prevent cold air from entering your rooms and can help stop the warm air from escaping.

Radiators – there are many homes that have radiators placed underneath the windows. This can mean the warmth that is created goes straight out of the windows. By having curtains placed so that they do not cover the window, you can help funnel the warm air back into the room.

Thickness – the thicker your curtains are, the more helpful they will be in helping retain heat in your home and keeping colder air from entering your rooms.

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