Flower arrangement choices for your wedding

If you have a wedding, you need to have flowers. What those flower choices are depends on the theme of the wedding and the colours you have chosen. It might be that you are wearing white or ivory down the aisle, and the grooms are in the traditional morning suit. Unless the men have gone for a jazzy waistcoat, you can find that a simple arrangement of colour can be the most effective.

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Some people prefer to stay away from varieties such as Lily’s as these have a traditional association with funerals, but it is all down to your own personal taste. However, the old fashioned style is certainly something that you could consider when it comes to roses. A lovely display of red’s yellows, and whites can be pretty spectacular and it is a classic look that remains popular today.

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A Kent Barn Wedding like that of the https://theploughatleigh.com/barn-wedding-venue-kent is also the perfect place to show them off. An exciting and left-field choice might be the tulip that is widely produced in nearby East Anglia. Sadly the county flower of Kent is the Hop plant. Known more for its brewing than beauty, it would not be as appropriate.

Liaise with your florist as they may be able to construct a display that is right for you. Seasonal themes are also good. For example, Daffodils for a spring wedding, poinsettias for a winter/Christmas one.

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