Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your home

How to lose weight on the buttocks

Do you want to have beautiful buttocks? Are your pants too full in your opinion? Does your behind take up too much space on the couch? So you need exercises to lose weight buttocks that are effective. Buttocks are in a relatively easy-to-target area of ​​the body with exercises, and there are many things you can do to get them down.

First, you need to know that to lose fat from the buttocks (or fat anywhere on the body otherwise), you need to reduce your daily caloric intake (to get below your caloric needs a day) and do more. of the sport.

Burning fat requires healthy eating and physical activity. Cardiovascular exercises are very effective in burning fat in particular. Be sure to do both of the above things to get the maximum fat loss.

Here are the exercises you can do to lose weight:

The bike

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homeRiding a normal, stationary or elliptical bike can strengthen your glutes

Cycling (whether outdoors on the road or inside a gym) is one of the best exercises to lose fat that exists, especially at the buttocks, the part that is based almost constantly on the saddles of the bike.

The bike does not only strengthen your glutes, it also helps tone the legs, thighs and abdominal muscles.

Riding a bike is also a wonderful cardiovascular workout (elliptical or stationary bike). It’s strength and endurance training and also a cardio workout all in one!

Your backs will be in shape in no time with some bike training a week.

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The step

You can also do the step. Buy a step or use the steps of the stairs at home or in the building! Take the stairs more often, going up, and you will begin to firm up the glutes. If you buy a step, make sure that its height can be changed as you wish so that you can adjust the intensity of the step exercises.

What is a step exercise?

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homeDoing the step, with a step, is to move up and down the step (to place on a flat surface). You can also move around the walk. You will do this exercise often by listening to rhythmic music regularly and especially dedicated to the step. Now you can do other movements than just walking up and down the hill with practice.

You start doing 15 to 20 minutes of step if you have no experience. Later, you can lengthen the step session to between 45 and 60 minutes ( and it is not necessarily obvious, you will see that you will lose a lot of calories ).

Before doing the step, you must warm up your muscles and joints. After the session, whatever its duration, you must do some stretching. These precautions are intended to prevent you from injuries to the knees or ankles, among others.

There are many aerobic workouts that use the step, and the step will actually help you lose weight. Doing the step slowly will intensify the overall workout, and make it a more focused exercise on strength training.


The squat

The squat is an excellent exercise that will shape your gluteal muscles as well as the upper thighs. To perform a squat you must act as if you are going to sit on a chair, legs apart at a good distance (distance equal to that between your 2 shoulders), knees bent. Hold the weights at your side or put your arms straight out (if you do not work with weights). Keep your head upright, and make sure your back is straight (look straight ahead, not beside) and that your feet are straight ahead (if your feet are pointing out, they could make your hips too tight).

The position of the squat is useful for firming the butts

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homeFrom this bent position, lower your buttocks down, while pretending to be falling backward. The more you lower them, the more you will work your gluteal muscles. Once your bust forms a right angle (90 °) with your knees bent, this may be enough (but you can go down further) and you can push on your gluteal muscles (tightening your buttocks) to go up. Take support on your heels, not on your toes (tiptoe).

Do a series of squats between 10 to 20 times. Then take a break to rest, and you can leave for 2 or 3 other series. You will be able to lose weight relatively quickly while doing this exercise with regularity.

There is another version of squat, called pop squat. It looks like a classic squat, but without the weights. Just stay in a squat position with the knees bent and then jump by joining your legs before landing by separating the legs. Repeat this movement between 15 to 30 times, on several series. To make this squat movement more difficult, raise your hands straight when you try to jump and jump as high as possible from the ground. By doing some series of these squat pop, you will see your buttocks firm up in no time.

Leg extension (one leg)

This exercise requires balance. Start with a lightweight (if possible, such as a balloon or book) until you get used to it.

The position of the leg extension

Stand on one leg keeping your knee bent. The other leg should be lifted off the ground, lifted and tense right behind so that your weight rests on one leg.

Rock (lean forward) at your waist and keep the weight in your straight hands straight down. Make sure the weight stays in front of your leg that supports the whole body. The idea is to lower the weight as close as possible to the ground, then return to the starting position and start again.

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homePerform 8 to 15 repetitions and change legs (the one that supports the whole body). Do 2 sets per leg (taking 1-minute breaks between each set). By doing this exercise with one leg at a time you burn more calories and do twice the work, which will allow you to firm the buttocks and bend them.

There is a “leg extension” version with one leg resting on the ground (knee touching the floor), elbows resting on the floor in front of you, one leg straight up and held high for several seconds while contracting the gluteal muscles. But this version does not work as much the gluteal muscles as the leg extension version described above (which requires a weight to give the best results).

The front slot

This exercise to lose weight buttocks is simple but effective. You can do it anytime at home.

The front slit makes your gluteal muscles work

How to perform the movement of the front slot?

  • Stand with your legs apart, your hips apart, your back straight.
  • Take a big step forward with your left leg.
  • Bend your left knee (resting on your left leg in front of you) until the right knee touches the ground (do the bending gently, be careful not to hit the right knee sharply against the ground to avoid injury) ).
  • While bending your left knee, keep the bust straight while looking ahead.
  • Once the right knee touches the ground, keep your back leg (right leg) bent by resting on the toes.
  • Stand up, holding the right bust and pushing on the leg in front, and squeezing your buttocks. Return to your original position.
  • Repeat the movement, but this time by first folding the right knee (thus leaving the left leg at the back, with the left knee on the ground).

You can do the front slit with or without weights. If you make this move with weights, you must hold the weight next to it (see diagram). If you feel that one of your knees is sore, do not insist, stop the movement.

The front slot is convenient because you can do it while watching TV or listening to music (but after you have mastered the movement, to avoid deconcentration and banging one of the knees that stays in the back against the ground).

You can do lunge before 10 to 15 times per leg. Then take a break of 1 minute to rest, and you will then be able to follow with 2 or 3 other identical series.

The thigh press

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homeThis movement makes it possible to work among other things the gluteal muscles in order to strengthen them. The thigh press is to push a press with your legs before letting it come back ( go down to you, you are lying close to the ground). Attention, you must keep your back really straight during the movement, stall it down, and especially do not arch it.

The leg press

You need to inspect the top of your ribcage before making the move. Then, always exhale at the top. All this to prevent the rib cage from being “crushed” under the load. Once the press is pushed up, do not let your legs straight to avoid stressing your joints. By properly performing these movements, the thigh press will satisfy your desire to lose weight buttocks in no time.

Kickboxing to spend energy while having fun

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homeAnother fun way to target the fat on your butt is to kickboxing. You can take a class at the local gym, or you can purchase a kickboxing workout video to get started.

Kickboxing can firm the glutes, and improve the functioning of your heart. It’s a fun and creative way to burn fat on your buttocks. Kickboxing is also beneficial for you from a self-defense point of view. Kickboxing can improve your coordination and balance, as well as increase your metabolism.

Walking makes the gluteal muscles work

The easiest exercise you can do to lose weight is walking (indeed, almost any movement of the legs works the gluteal muscles). You walk all the time anyway, so just do a little more.

Walking is the most natural exercise you can do. You can walk on a treadmill your home or gym. You can also take a walk in the local park or around the neighborhood. If you get used to a brisk pace, you will burn calories faster. Walking is simple, and you can do it with a friend easily or to get your dog out, for example.

Sloping race

The sloping race is reminiscent of the step’s movement. You can either run uphill on a hill (in a park for example) or a mountain or run up a staircase or a slope in the street near you. Whatever the slope, it must extend at least 50 to 60 meters in length, and it must be at least 10 ° over this distance. You must start running from a flat surface, about 10 meters before the start of the slope.

Running on a slope is similar to step movement and brings the same benefits

  • Run 20 meters at 75% intensity, walk back to the starting point and repeat the race 5 times.
  • Then run 30 meters at 85% intensity, 5 times, then taking a break to rest (until you breathe normally).
  • Then run 40 meters at 90% intensity, 8 times, then take a break to rest (until you breathe normally).
  • Finally run 50 meters at 90% intensity, 5 times, then take a break to rest (until you breathe normally) and reach the end of the series.

This exercise is very effective to lose weight buttocks at a lower cost and intense enough to produce results.

However, you must live near the hills or in the mountains, or when you are not afraid of having to explain to your neighbors and other passers-by (in the street) why you run all the way up and down (the stairs or the slope in the street) to go up again, and so on. This can, as you can imagine, surprise people.

In conclusion :

Exercises to lose weight on the buttocks at your homeRemember to eat healthy, low-fat foods while doing these exercises on a regular basis to speed up your lose weight in the buttocks, and firm them up. Be sure to incorporate weight training and cardiovascular exercises into your workout schedule several times a week for maximum results (doing walking alone will not be enough).

Try to have fun while doing these exercises to lose weight buttocks (you will find a motivation, interesting reasons to do them without seeing sad and mandatory sessions, music can help you during the exercises), and your buttocks you will give back pride!

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