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The other day they asked me how I would describe Costa Rica, and the response surprisingly came immediately to me. Costa Rica is adventure but also sophistication, it is ecological tourism that is also safe and comfortable. Costa Rica is unique experiences in a unique environment. This description was my inspiration to tell you today what I experienced during my visit to Pacuare Lodge , which is just all those things.

A visit to the Pacuare Lodge means a trip to a magical place where the beauty and diversity of the tropical nature delights the senses, it is an adventure trip that at the same time offers a luxurious and highly sophisticated experience, with every detail taken care of. The exuberant nature and everything that it offers is the framework to live a unique experience of absolute communion with the environment while at the same time we have access to all the comforts that define a great experience.

How to get?

pacuare lodgeI can not tell you much about this. Because I decided to come to the Lodge by my own means and enjoy the mountains of Turrialba with mountain bike. It took four hours to get to the cable car that connects the street with the entrance to the lodge, it was a spectacular adventure. Although no more incredible than getting to the place doing rafting, as is the usual way, that means that since you set out on your way to Pacuare Lodge you immerse yourself in a journey of unique and unforgettable experiences. The trip is safe and as calm or as moving as you want it to be, but in any case it is spectacular!

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Where to sleep?

pacuare lodgePacuare Lodge It has several types of rooms, each with a name linked to nature and with its own attributes. I stayed in one of the most beautiful and spacious rooms: Villa Jaguar, which has a space of 350 square meters and is located in a privileged location on the banks of the Pacuare River. A spacious room, full of details, designer furniture, a beautiful and spacious terrace, living room, two independent bathrooms, outdoor bathtub, private pool, hot water and even a private bridge that overlooks a platform located on the Pacuare River. I have no words to explain the oasis of beauty that is this place, it was inevitable not to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself and with my environment. As I mentioned there are many different types of rooms, with varied prices and characteristics that suit families, couples,

What to do?

Apart from completely disconnecting and sleeping like never before and in an absolute darkness that you have probably never experienced, there are many things to do in Pacuare Lodge :

What to eat?

pacuare lodgeThe gastronomic experience is one of the high points, not because it is Gourmet or full of exquisite delicacies, but because with every bite you feel the love in its preparation, you feel the delicacy and the care with which you do absolutely everything, I can not to say how love knows … but it is definitely a perceptible ingredient, so much so that I had to ask who was cooking for us. The funny thing is that the human team of the Pacuare Lodge kitchen It is integrated by young people from the surrounding communities, they do not really have a chef, but rather they have decided to develop the talent of the people of the area and have taught them the secrets of a good meal full of local flavors and ingredients . Super, super recommended. Especially I recommend Diego’s smoothies, they will change your day!

Why visit Pacuare Lodge?

pacuare lodgeIt is not just a unique experience, where luxury and sophistication come in perfect harmony with nature; It is not only that they have some of the most beautiful rooms and common areas that I have known in a resort in the country, it is also their policies to positively impact the community, employing more than 90% of people in the area, train them, give them opportunities also have a rescue programs of indigenous Cabecar culture, promote sustainability programs in the area and of course in the Lodge. They also have cultural, educational and reforestation programs, among which is what I consider a banner of sustainable tourism: the Jaguar Project.

I come back in love with this place, eager to tell you about my experiences. And to encourage you to get to know a piece of heaven in our country, in which business development coexists with social development, sustainability and excellence in products and services. Yes, this place exists. Do I need to say more?

A hug to everyone! If you would like more information about Pacuare Lodge and its rates. You can check it on their website or by calling +506 2225 3939.

A hug to everyone, especially my beautiful Pacuare Logde family. I want to see you again!

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