Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sports

How to motivate yourself to play sports

Watching others around us running in the morning or going to the gym every night can make us want to go there too. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to play sports on a regular basis and to maintain physical activity. However, physical activity is beneficial for our health, our morale, our silhouette and our self-esteem.

We know that procrastination sometimes wins. So our tips are practical and simple to set up so you get started quickly and without worries! Trust us, you will soon find the taste of physical exercise. Come on, we get motivated!

Here are our 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sports!

1. Keep a journal

Writing your feelings, your progress or your goals has positive effects on your behavior, mood, and morale. Writing has not only a cathartic effect but also the power to make your thoughts more concrete and concise, which automatically impacts how important you are to your ideas. For example, keeping a diary detailing your feelings after each workout and your progress can help motivate you and keep you engaged.

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsWe, therefore, advise you to acquire a notebook that you like and write there every day if possible, talking about what you want to do sports, your goals and the means you want to set up to achieve them. You will automatically feel more motivated and more able to achieve your goals. In addition, by reading again what you wrote after each session of sport, you will want to find the state of well-being provided by this activity. We, we recommend it!

2. Try the sport in a group

Sport is good. Group sport is better! In fact, doing sports alone has beneficial effects since it allows you to reflect, to contemplate your thoughts and to recharge your batteries. But group sport has the enormous advantage of confronting you with others and the pressure mechanism of the group will push you to give your best. Looking at others around you, you’ll want to join the group movement and enjoy your session to the fullest.

Group sports sessions are also generally well organized and at specific times. You will, therefore, enjoy an activity on a regular basis. By making friends in the group, you will also want to share common challenges, and the idea of ​​going to your sports session will be a good time for you. And if you are a shy person, no problem: if you do not go to others, it is they who will come to you and will make you feel comfortable!

3. Finding sources of motivation

To motivate you to play sports, there’s nothing like finding motivational quotes that appeal to you and please you! Once these are found, try to make sure to have them with you as often as possible. Write them on post-its and hang them on your desk, your fridge … Using one as a wallpaper can also be a good idea, whether it’s your mobile phone or your computer. It’s a matter of making sure you come across these “reminders” as often as possible, and that they have a special impact on you.

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsOn social networks, you can also track sports motivation accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube. In addition, large communities of Internet users exist in this area. So you will have no trouble talking with other people seeking motivation to play sports! You will be able to share your goals, your fears, and your tips. Similarly, on Planet Zen, you can also share your tips in comments with users.

4. Challenge yourself

When you want to start playing sports, it is important to go slowly. However, in order to really find the motivation to get started, why not challenge yourself? Indeed, we like to be stimulated, to have objectives, to advance towards a specific point. So start challenging (simple and then more ambitious) at the level of the sport. The first may, for example, relate to the number of times you train each week. Gradually, increase the difficulty of your personal challenges.

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsYou will feel proud of your performance and want to start again! One quickly becomes addicted to this feeling of pride mixed with the endorphin secreted during the effort. The sport quickly becomes a routine that is difficult to get rid of and for good reason! Sport is good for both body and mind!

5. Play sports with your friends

Another way to give you the motivation to play sports? Share this moment with your friends. Whether sports or not, their presence will push you to give the best of yourself. In addition, at ease with you, they can encourage you and motivate you! And with friends, all means are good so no fuss! You will certainly find an activity that can please you, and if it is not the case, alternate!

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsIt is well known, everything is more pleasant and time passes faster when you are with the people you love. Taking them to play sports with you is one of the best ways to motivate yourself. And then, to them, it will not hurt them! The sport can be an extremely convivial moment and allows to link the user to the pleasant one. So we go for it, do not find excuses!

6. Listen to music or audiobooks

If you decide to go running, for example, taking your headphones and listening to music you like or even audio books can really improve your performance and make the time much more enjoyable. Music, if it is positive, can motivate you and make you want to go beyond, to go faster, further. Audiobooks can make you want to run a little longer to finish your chapter and make the time much faster.

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsThe goal here is to make the moment much more enjoyable for you when you train alone. Get ready for a playlist before going out to work and include songs that move, alternating with softer songs so you do not get tired. You will have the energy you need for the effort, and also the calm and serenity necessary to recharge your batteries. Since indeed, when one does sport alone, it gives us the opportunity to meditate! As for audiobooks, choose books that may please you, but you have not already read preference to keep the suspense and stay in suspense!

7. Find the sport you love

To be happy with the idea of ​​going to sport, you must first choose a sport that you like. If you do not know yet which sport you like, do not panic! Do your research, go take free trial classes until you come across the gem and you do not want to stop. Some people describe themselves as “non sports” but such person does not exist! We can always find a sport that we like, that we take pleasure to practice. But for that, we must search!

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsThink about how you are: do you like being surrounded or do you prefer loneliness? This can help you determine whether a team sport suits you or not. Do you have a competitive spirit or do you just want to participate? Do you like big spaces or be inside? Think about all of this to determine which sport would be best for you and try the test courses to confirm your taste for the sport! In life, you have to dare!

8. Record your success

Take note of your successes and write them where you can. Use your newspaper but also use other means to congratulate yourself. It is important that you become aware of your efforts and successes in order to reproduce them and give you the means to achieve them. In this way, you will increase your self-esteem, gain in audacity and desire to exceed yourself and continue your efforts in this direction. It is important that you write them in places that are visible to you, be they reminders on your phone, post-it sticks everywhere, in short: be proud of you! And for good reason, if you succeed in pursuing your goals, you have something to be!

9. Ask yourself the right questions

To motivate yourself to play sport, there’s nothing like knowing why you’re doing it. Ask yourself the right questions. Why did you start? Why do you want to play sports? Think of all that physical activity can do for you, and list the pros and cons. Besides, it will probably be difficult for you to find negative points! Finding your true motives is the key! You have to search deep inside: if you are reading this article, you want to play sport. Of course, there are obvious reasons: we often want to play sports to lose weight or build muscles.

Play Sports | 10 tips to motivate yourself to play sportsBut beyond that, you probably want to feel cooler, to meditate, to meet people, to feel better about yourself? These reasons are important and will help you in your quest for motivation to play sports. Make a list that you re-read as many times as necessary. You lose more not to do sports than to do, believe us!

10. Watch motivating videos

Motivating videos are easily found on YouTube and Dailymotion. These can help you find the courage to get started and start playing sports. Simply type “motivating video” on YouTube.

Nothing like a video with a speech and a motivating music to reboost you. We guarantee it, some will give you the impression that you can lift mountains!

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