10 Celebrities secret diets that make them slim

The stars annoy us: it is true, looking at them, we have the impression that it is easy to stay slim. Yet, even if we know little, the stars also follow very strict and secret diets . Forcibly, some of them have more facilities to have a fine size throughout the year … everything is explained.

We will see in this article what is the favorite diets of many stars and discover the secret of those whose beauty makes us crazy!

Here we write secret diets of stars

1. Beyonce: a vegan diet?

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The American star announced to the surprise of her fans, but also of all the media, that she was now following a vegan diet.

The successful singer no longer consumes a single product from animals: no meat, milk or eggs … nothing. This surprising announcement took place in the program Good Morning America: while everyone was expecting the announcement of a new album, Beyonce just wanted to announce to the world that she was now a vegan.

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2. Kate Middleton and her raw food diet

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Kate Middleton impresses us! After putting two children in the world, she still has her wasp waist. So, what’s her secret diets to staying slim (she does the 34 by the way)? She makes a diet based on raw food. Farewell prepared dishes, you will find on the plates of the Duchess of Cambridge many vegetables and raw fruits: salads, vegetables, goji berries etc.

3. Jessica Alba – Farewell to starchy foods

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Wooooh! What a silouhaite! Jessica Alba’s body makes us dream, but what is the secret of this star? Addicted to Yoya and combat sports (yes, that goes hand in hand), Jessica Alba pays attention to what she eats, and it shows! It avoids starchy foods to favor fruits and vegetables, eats dried fruits when it has a small hollow, as well as lean proteins (white meats, eggs etc.). Seeing the picture above, it does not look like she had 2 children!

4. Michelle Obama: the sportswoman!

secrets dietsNo miracle for Michelle Obama; his trick to stay slim and fit? It’s the gym! The First Lady of the United States of America is committed to reducing obesity in her country, a plague affecting 1 in 3 adults in this country. She explains her daily life: “I get up every day at 4:30 to go to the gym. The exercises, the more we do it, the better. I love french fries, good burgers and pies. And it’s compatible. I would be depressed if I could not eat the things I like … ” It is therefore necessary to have fun and eat well to be happy, but do not forget to play sports!

5. Jennifer Aniston – The detox first

secret dietsThe secret diets of Jennifer Aniston to quickly lose some weight and eliminate toxins? The detox of course! If everyday, Jennifer Aniston favors vegetables and organic fruits, the star who made known in “Friends” is often detox. His morning ritual? A cup of hot water and lemon (we should do it all). His forbidden foods? Coffee, alcohol and red meat!

6. Jennifer Lopez – She’s also vegetarian?

secret dietsVegetarianism has never done so well. The famous singer, in the buttocks of hell, confesses to make sacrifices to have the line: “you have to play sports and pay attention to what you eat,” she said. In addition to his sports sessions, J-Lo started a vegetarian and gluten-free diet. It also avoids dairy products.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow – 300 calories a day, no more!

secret dietsThe Iron Man female star imposes a strict diet: not to exceed 300 calories a day. For that, she mainly drinks smoothies, eats raw products (fruits or vegetables) as well as a lot of seeds! Personally, I do not see myself living on a draconian diet like this one !!! Gwyneth Paltrow has published a recipe book “It’s all good”, where she presents her best cooking tips, and where she drops some of her little secret diets.

8. Madonna – Between a macrobiotic diet and a diet The Zone

Madonna, who is approaching sixty (yes, yes … really) has always had a perfect figure. So what is the secret diets of Madonna to stay young and thin? This comes from a real desire as well as a lifestyle in the long term. Madonna would alternate between a macrobiotic diet and a diet The Zone. But what is it? His meals are composed of 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates. Add to that a lot, a lot of sport, from yoga to horse riding, to gym, dance and cardio.

9. Taylor Swift – No more than 500 calories a day

secret dietsTaylor Swift can indeed afford to show her body … the American singer is indeed, very careful about her physique and it shows! For this, it is limited to a diet of 500 calories a day, not one more! On top of that, she spends a lot of time in gyms as well as outdoors. She also reportedly stopped all gluten-based foods. Well…

10. Kim Kardashian – Atkins Diet Adept

secret dietsKim Kardashian, reality star and Kanye West’s wife is struggling to gain weight during her pregnancies … When she had gained 23 kilos after her first delivery, she lost 20 quickly. How did she do it? She followed the Atkins diet of removing carbohydrates from her diet. By accompanying this diet to intense physical activity (thanks to her sports coach), she managed to work miracles. While she is expecting her second child for December 2015, Kim has decided this time to call a nutritionist to monitor and help him prepare his best meals: months of kilos taken, it’s as many pounds to do not lose at the end of your pregnancy!

And you, what are your secret diets tips for staying slim?

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