10 Tips for a healthier barbecue

A healthier barbecue in a few steps as possible! Indeed, what’s more, pleasant in the summer than a barbecue on its terrace or in its garden? The smell of grilled meat, with friends, family. However, sometimes you do not pay attention to your health! However, it is quite possible to barbecue while respecting its food needs. Do you not believe us? Well, you are wrong and we will prove it to you.

The barbecues are a convivial moment during which we find ourselves in the family around a good meal prepared together. It is quite possible that this meal is a dietary meal! It will always remain as delicious and simple to implement. It’s promised, you’ll love them … and adopt them! So, we start! It’s nice, it’s barbeque season!

So let’s go for our 10 tips for a healthier barbecue

1. Do not forget the vegetables

For a healthier barbecue, it is important not to forget the vegetables. Indeed, although the star food of the barbecue is inevitably grilled meat, we must not neglect the vegetables. You can also grill mushrooms, peppers and peppers and many other delicious foods! By doing this, you will make your kebabs and grill more delicious. It will also help you make them better for your health.

healthier barbecueSome foods are even better for you when you grill them. Corn, for example, or carrots and tomatoes contain even more antioxidants and other health-enhancing substances when they are roasted. We do not hesitate to grill all the vegetables we love. It’s good for your health and it makes the barbecue time even richer for the taste buds! Continue reading: Eat Healthier Live Longer | 8 simple ways to eat healthier

2. Pay attention to cooking meat

For a healthier barbecue, we pay attention to the cooking of the meat. Indeed, when grilling meat, the fat can potentially contain carcinogenic particles due to smoke. To avoid this, we choose meat that does not contain a lot of fat. Also, try removing the visible grease yourself from the meat you grill. This will allow you to avoid this risk.

In addition, it is important not to place the meat directly above the heat source. By moving the charcoal a little on the side once it is hot, you can preserve the meat. An aluminum foil can also be placed between the meat and the charcoal to catch the remaining grease. One does not forget to scratch the parts of the meat which would have been blackened by ashes.

3. Marinate the meat before cooking

For a healthier barbecue, marinating meat before cooking is a good idea. If you are grilling red meat, chicken or fish, you can marinate them in the fridge. It’s not just a question of good taste. A study shows that marinating meat before cooking can make it healthier by reducing the number of potentially carcinogenic toxins released during cooking.

healthier barbecueWe, therefore, choose to marinate the meat before cooking. Marinating can reduce the toxins produced by grilling meat by 99%. If you want to use the marinade in which the meat soaked in a sauce, take care to boil it for a minute before. Afterward, it can be served as a sauce to accompany a mash for example.

4. Watch out for minced meat

For a healthier barbecue, it is important to pay attention to the minced meat. Why that? Well, because minced meat is the most perishable meat. It is also the one that has the highest risk of being contaminated and causing indigestion. It is therefore important to cook it better than others in order to destroy the bacteria present if there are any. Moreover, we cannot really judge the cooking of the meat to its color.

We choose to cook the meat at 71 ° C using a meat thermometer to ensure that it is perfectly cooked. Once done, you can eat the minced meat without any fear. Indeed when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure! If the meat is well cooked, there is much less risk that it causes complications or reactions. So we can use this tip for a healthier barbecue!

5. Keep bacteria out of your food

Keeping bacteria away from food is also essential for a healthier barbecue. How to do? At first, it is important to understand one thing. Temperature has a huge influence on bacteria. Leaving the meat at room temperature is dangerous. This promotes the growth of a large number of bacteria. To avoid this, be careful not to leave the meat out of the refrigerator for more than an hour.

Before eating a food, it is very important to warm it up to a temperature of 71 ° C. In this way, it is certain that the bacteria that could have grown during the period when the food was at temperature have been destroyed. Once done, we can eat without fear. It is indeed important to become aware of the conditions that cause bacteria to multiply. In this way, we avoid indigestion.

6. The three-quarter rule

Another tip for a healthier barbecue? The three-quarter rule. When you place your food on your plate, it can be extremely helpful for you to keep this idea in mind. To make your food intake more balanced, using your plate to measure can really help you. The rule is that the plate should be three-quarters full of vegetables and/or seeds.

healthier barbecueThe remaining quarter can be reserved for meat. This will help you in a simple way to keep a healthy and balanced diet, even when you do not count calories. It’s a very simple and yet very effective method of paying attention to one’s diet. We cannot recommend a tip simpler and more effective than this one! The three-quarter rule can be applied every day without any problem. It should be applied daily.

7. We start with a salad

For a healthier barbecue, nothing like starting the meal with a salad. Eating a salad at the beginning of a meal allows you to limit your caloric intake during the meal. Avoid all the same sauces and cheeses that are too fat that are sometimes added to the salad. The goal is that your entry is light and leaves you room for the rest … without leaving too much! Choose the type of salad that you like and that suits you the most!

8. Low-calorie accompaniments

For a healthier barbecue, we choose low-calorie accompaniments. If, for example, you opt for coleslaw, avoid adding mayonnaise. You can use 0% yogurt mixed with apple juice and vinegar to replace it. Indeed, mayonnaise is an extremely fat sauce. Likewise, prefer vegetables to fries for example. It is very important to pay attention to this. The more healthy and light the accompaniments, the more you can afford to indulge in meat. Without abusing it, of course!

9. Choose healthier desserts

For a healthier barbecue, we choose healthier desserts. Indeed, it is important to be in good health to limit your intake of sugar. If you do not, you may gain weight but also increase your blood sugar. When making a barbecue, it is important not to pay attention to meat and grilling. The dessert must also remain properly balanced.

healthier barbecueAnd what’s healthier than fruit as a dessert? If it’s hot, you can even make homemade fruit lollipops! Simply press your favorite fruits and place their juice in small boxes. Leave in the freezer for a few hours with a wooden stick to hold them and you’re done! You have a frozen dessert, delicious and healthy! Perfect, no? Come on, let’s try!

10. Real juices for a healthier barbecue

For a healthier barbecue, prefer to enjoy homemade fruit juices rather than alcohol or industrial juices. Indeed, drinks are an important part of the meal. They add color and are user-friendly. During a barbecue, one may be tempted to consume very sweet drinks such as industrial fruit juice or alcoholic beverages. However, this is not really the healthiest alternative.

To replace these drinks, you can choose to squeeze your own juice with your favorite fruits for example. You can make delicious fruit cocktails this way! They will be much healthier and will not contain additives or sugar (except sugar naturally present in fruits). It’s healthier and maybe even better than the juices available in the markets! Homemade juices are appreciated by adults and children alike.

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