How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your anger

6 tricks to manage your anger

When you have problems manage your anger, life for you and those around you can quickly become a hell. It is therefore important not only to understand what triggers your anger so that you can deal with the problem at its source. But also know how to act when you feel anger rising and that you do not know how to handle it. Here are our 6 tips to make it easier.

Anger is a feeling and a normal reaction when something unpleasant happens to us. However, it is important not to let this negative feeling take control of our lives. There are simple techniques to apply that will make your life and those around you more enjoyable. Fighting anger is not so complicated when you know how to do it!

1. Think before you speak

The first step to learning how to manage anger may seem trivial but is really important. To manage your anger, you have to think before you speak. Under the influence of anger, we can quickly let out words that we could regret. Indeed, this feeling diminishes our perception and pushes us to act more easily without thinking about the consequences of our actions.How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your angerWhen you feel anger rising, try to take a deep breath and ask yourself this question “Am I going to regret what I’m about to say? do I really think so? ” 90% of the time, the answer will be yes and no. Do not take the risk of hurting someone with words spoken in anger when they do not reflect your true thoughts.

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2. Play sports

Sport can externalize anger and release bad energies. Sport also helps to drastically reduce stress. Which can trigger tantrums that seem to come out of nowhere and that it’s always best to avoid. If you feel anger or stress rising, you can simply walk or run: you will feel better quickly, and your anger will be expressed positively through your physical activity.How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your angerIndeed, to manage your anger, the key is to learn to express it positively: that is to say in a productive way and without harming others (or yourself). Anger, expressed in a positive way, can boost you to start a sport such as boxing, martial arts, or running, but also in artistic fields such as painting, writing, singing or music! We can turn a negative emotion into something positive when we really want it.

3. Take a break

To manage his anger, nothing like taking a break. No matter what you are doing and where you are, taking a break when anger begins to point the tip of your nose is always a good idea. It is not necessarily about isolating oneself for a quarter of an hour. But to allow one or two minutes to breathe and reflect, relax and get out of anger.How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your angerIf you are stressed and angry because of a situation, try to get away from it for two to three minutes to get your head back. If this is not possible, we advise you to breathe deeply and to repeat a mantra that can help you, whatever it is. A thought that is important to you and helps to calm you down will always be useful in this type of situation.

4. Express anger when calmed

As we saw earlier when we are angry our perception is limited to a moment. It is therefore difficult to express one’s thoughts clearly and objectively when one is in this state. However, to manage your anger, it is important to learn to express it and not to repress it. We are not machines, and it is not possible for us to completely ignore our negative emotions unless we wish to turn into a time bomb.How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your angerFind a way of expression that you particularly like, whether it’s a sport or an art. We are all good at something, and our hobbies generally have a cathartic effect by allowing us to express our emotions. Our thoughts and to free ourselves from our bad energies in a positive way for ourselves and for others. Whether it’s singing, dancing, drama, writing, video games or reading: there is always a way to express your anger in a positive or even artistic way.

5. Practice relaxation techniques

To manage his anger, nothing like practicing relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or yoga. To feel better in one’s body and mind, there is nothing like these practices. Which allow our body and mind to regain some harmony, while relaxing and emptying our thoughts. and negative emotions. Whether it’s breathing, yoga or tai-chi, everything is good to take!How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your angerAnother good relaxation technique? The laugh! Laughter has many beneficial effects on your health and your morale. Laughing reduces stress, makes you feel happier, and also relaxes your body and mind. Humor can, therefore, dispel tensions in certain situations and allow many people to calm down! Yes, laughter can save you from some awkward situations!

6. Leave his grudge aside

How to manage your anger | 6 tips to better control your angerTo manage his anger, it is essential to learn not to cling to his resentment of the past. Be aware that the past is past: in fact, it will not happen again and there is no reason to cling to it desperately. If anyone has hurt you in the past, learn to forgive. Do not think anymore. You will do good to yourself. Likewise, try to always find a solution when you argue with someone. A situation left as it is can stress you and make you feel bad, or even express your anger in an extremely negative way.

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