Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at home

7 ways to reduce waste at your home

Reduce waste is an important step in paying attention to the environment around us. Indeed, one of the main causes of pollution is the waste that we dispose of, which is then scattered in nature. These have a negative effect on the fauna and flora, but also on our health. It is therefore important to become aware of this and start taking action to reduce household waste as much as possible.

To achieve this is much simpler than one might think. Indeed, our waste is mainly limited to packaging: it is, therefore, important to pay attention to our consumption of packaged products. There are also other tips to reduce your waste at home without making a fuss! So here we go for our 7 tips to reduce the number of waste at home! Promised, you will want to get started today!

1. Drinking tap water

Yes, to reduce waste, the first thing to do and drink priority tap water. Depending on where you live, the water may even be even healthier than that in plastic bottles. In fact, small plastic particles come off and end up in the water we drink. This is very bad for health. But plastic bottles are also very bad for the environment.Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at homeOur solution? Buy glass bottles and fill them with tap water. Plastic bottles of mineral water can take hundreds of years to disintegrate. The presence of plastic waste in nature leads to the death of animals and water pollution. A good thing to know? Tap water is much cheaper and just as healthy. Its cleanliness is controlled and contains all the minerals you need to stay healthy. So the choice is quickly made!

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2. Use sponges to clean

To reduce waste, nothing like using sponges to clean. Indeed, we often tend to wipe or clean with paper towels. However, you end up throwing away used leaves. Which is the opposite of what you want to do by reducing your amount of waste at home? Whenever it comes to cleaning a stain or wiping something, use the sponges.Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at homeSimilarly, you can use cloths to wipe your dishes instead of drying them with paper towels. It’s just as hygienic, it does not take you longer and does not cost you more money. And yet, it has a huge effect on nature and the environment. Sometimes gestures that seem insignificant to really change things. For the world to change, one must begin with one’s own actions. So we start!

3. Make compost

To reduce waste, nothing like making compost yourself. Compost is composed of organic waste (so mainly of your food waste) and makes it possible to grow the plants of your garden. To make compost, get especially your vegetable peelings for example, and arrange them in a heap in a corner of your garden. Mix well from time to time and voila!Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at homeYou can then reuse this compost as a fertilizer. This will allow you to save money because you will not have to buy fertilizer for your plants or garden vegetables. In addition, you will reduce your waste without effort and you will preserve the environment! Yes, acting for the environment is much simpler than it seems and you will necessarily get there. Just put a little of his!

4. Make garage sales

To reduce waste, garage sales are also a good idea. You probably have some clothes in your home that you no longer wear because you do not like them anymore or do not fit, children’s toys that are not used objects that you do not find useful. Rather than choosing to throw this away, choose to sell them privately to particular websites or to organize your own garage sale.Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at homeIn this way, you will save money by making money on these items you have sold. This is a good way to limit waste and pollution. You can also choose to donate to charities that need toys or children’s clothing. Yes, it is possible to do good to you in an extremely simple way. It’s good for others, for the world but also for you. To act well, it feels good.

5. Put a “Stop pub” sign

To reduce waste, adding a “Stop Pub” sign on your mailbox can be a good idea. In general, if no sign is present on your mailbox to specify that you do not want to receive advertising, you will necessarily receive. A good thing to do is to adopt the small sign “Stop pub”. Advertising that is received by mail ends up in most cases in the trash without even reading it.

This small gesture will facilitate your life since you will not have to sort your mail for several minutes to find the letter of the bank that you expected so much. A simple and effective way to reduce your waste without taking up time, costing you money or asking you too much effort.

6. Avoid over-packaged products

To reduce waste, it is important to buy products that use as little packaging as possible. Indeed, some products contain an incredible amount of packaging that is mostly useless. Cereal packages, in particular, contain not only a box but also a plastic bag. What unnecessary packaging! In some stores and grocery stores, it is possible for you to buy products and place them directly in a box that you keep.Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at homeIn this way, you will not throw unnecessary packaging and you will help protect the environment. The simplest environmental actions are very often those with the greatest impact. It is therefore important not to downplay the importance of those little everyday things you can do to achieve a better life while protecting the planet and the environment.

7. Use reusable bags

To reduce waste, using reusable bags is also a good idea. In fact, the disposable bags that we provide or that we can buy in grocery stores and supermarkets often end up in the trash … and are then discarded in the wild or in the sea. Plastic bags are responsible for the death of thousands of animals every day. Not to use it is a choice that will have a real impact on the fauna and flora.Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at homeWhen shopping, for example, we advise you to use one or more large recyclable bags. You can keep them for a long time and they will avoid you to use plastic bags that pollute the environment enormously. Paying attention to the world around us passes above all by small trivial acts of everyday life, which nevertheless have a considerable weight in the long term.

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