7 Tips for long and healthy nails

Our nails are an accessory and a mark of femininity. With or without nail polish, we like that they have a beautiful shape and do not break easily. Unfortunately, the attacks that affect them every day tend to make them weaker, duller and brittle. In this article, we have concocted simple, natural and effective tips to have long and healthy nails and they do not break anymore. Our everyday life can damage them and we sometimes tend to run to the beautician for fake … which leads us into a vicious circle that does not help our nails! Indeed, excessive use of varnish or false nails can harm them by preventing them from breathing and therefore grow healthy.

Our techniques to make them more beautiful and strong are simple to apply and could not be more effective. You will not be disappointed! Let’s go!

Here we give you some tips for long and healthy nails

1. Olive oil for long and healthy nails

Olive oil has moisturizing and nourishing properties that can help your nails grow faster. Indeed, it contains all the elements that they need to push faster and be reinforced. The fact that it is natural is also beneficial since it implies that it contains no chemicals that could prevent them from breathing and growing properly. What you are looking for is something simple to use, natural and above all effective: your nails need to be healthy to look good! So we can even add olive oil in our favorite dishes, our nails will thank us!

long and healthy nailsApplied with a brush or cotton soaked, it will have remarkable effects on your nails. The operation to repeat as many times as you like! Leave for a few minutes and wash your hands well afterward. And a little advice: reduce your use of nail polish to the maximum! When you soak your nails in olive oil you feed them, but the aggression’s of solvent and nail polish repetition could damage them again!

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2. Dietary supplements

Food supplements available in pharmacies can help you grow your nails faster. Keratin is the source of nail and hair growth, so it is possible to couple the growth of both with a single product. This can be very beneficial to your nails since, like all parts of your body, they depend on your diet and certain nutrients that provide them with what they need to grow at their best.

long and healthy nailsCapsules made from fish oil are very effective. Respect, of course, the dosage of the capsules and ask your pharmacist or para-pharmacist for advice as to which ones might best meet your needs. However, it is important to note that to be used, these capsules should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. No dietary supplement can replace the nutrients that are provided by the foods you consume daily. These supplements are an addition that can be made to your diet to stimulate the growth of your long and healthy nails. We do not rest on them!

3. Adopt a balanced diet

Diet plays a particularly important role in the growth of our nails. Sufficient protein and fiber intake will allow your body to make enough keratin so that it has the nutrients it needs for growth. We advise you to regularly consume eggs, green vegetables, avocados, meat, and fish to stimulate the keratin production of your body. This will affect the growth of your nails but also that of your hair.

long and healthy nailsYou can also cook by replacing sunflower oil with coconut oil. It will nourish your nails from the inside. Similarly, Brazil nuts have a positive effect on the growth of nails: and then they have great taste! Many foods that are tasty and good for your health have positive effects on the growth of your nails! So we have fun while making beautiful! Thanks, WHO? Thank you Hayzed Magazine!

4. Do not file excessively

It may seem obvious, but filing too many nails shortens them a lot! And if the desired effect is to have long and healthy nails, you will, unfortunately, get the opposite effect. We advise you not to file them more than once or twice a week and to do so with delicacy. You could file your nails at a faster rate than the growth rate of the nails, which would cause an impression of nails that do not grow.

long and healthy nailsYou can also sand the surface of your nails so they are softer and shiny. Once again, we go slowly! Sanding removes dead cells that accumulate on your nails, making them softer, shinier and stronger. Sanding can also eliminate micro-cracks in your nails, which can cause your nails to break prematurely. You will get longer nails!

5. Moisturize your nails

Hydration is also important for the nails since it nourishes them. We often think of moisturizing our face but not necessarily our hands and nails. But if you want to have beautiful hands, you have to think about pampering them too! So after washing your hands or showering, consider applying a lotion on your hands and ironing them on your nails. Dehydration can indeed make them weaker and brittle, which we try to avoid at all costs!

long and healthy nailsThere are also sera to apply on the nails, enriched with calcium and other elements that can contribute to the growth of your nails. These are usually very moisturizing and can, therefore, repair your nails and prevent them from breaking or they become soft. Do not hesitate to use it. These serums can be found in stores or in supermarkets and have an instant effect on your nails: they will be directly more beautiful, softer and more brilliant. We do not say no!

6. Apply a base before the varnish

Applying a base before the varnish prevents it from coming into direct contact with your nails and damaging them. Indeed, varnish can smother your nails and make them softer, even rub off on them and give them an unattractive yellowish appearance. A pre-applied base prevents the nail from coming into direct contact with your nails and damaging them in this way. That’s why it’s a step to remember, to have long nails and healthy!

Also try, when removing your nail polish, to use a solvent without acetone that will be more respectful of your nails and allow them to grow faster. Acetone is indeed aggressive for your nails (but also for your skin and your respiratory system). Avoid it as much as possible. In addition, it is not difficult to find solvents without acetone in stores, even in supermarkets. So you will have longer nails!

7. Protect your nails during manual work

long and healthy nailsIt is important to protect your nails from external hazards, especially when performing tasks such as dishes. Do not forget to wear gloves and use mild products whenever possible. The important thing is to protect them from harmful products such as external aggression’s, so, that your nails can flourish and grow without constraints.

And you, what are your tips for long and healthy nails?

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