Bad Breath | 9 Amazing tips to fight against bad breath

9 Tips to fight bad breath

Bad breath can be a real handicap in life. The simplest solution applied by most of us is to take a chewing gum. Yet this solution is not really one since it will only cover the odors … We must, therefore, tackle directly the causes of bad smell, to effectively fight against it. The bad smells that emanate from your mouth come mainly from your digestive system. Having a good intestinal flora helps to avoid having these bad reflux coming out of the mouth. The good bacteria must be able to develop, and for that, there are various natural remedies to help you, and at a lower cost since these remedies against bad odors are easy to achieve using everyday products.

Of course, some drinks are not recommended; this is the case of tobacco but also of certain foods and beverages, such as garlic, onion, shallot, cheeses and strong coffee but also alcohol. We will also see that sprays and chewing gums are not the only solutions to bad breath problems, but that natural solutions can help you finally open your mouth in public.

1. Clove

Bad Breath | 9 Amazing tips to fight against bad breathClove is a tree native to Indonesia that is consumed in many countries around the world, the dried flower button called “clove”.

Cloves have antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Often used in cooking as a condiment, you can chew it for better effectiveness to improve your breath. But beware, clove also has aphrodisiac properties … you cannot say that you have not been warned.

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2. Consume probiotics to fight bad breath

Probio what? Probiotics are healthy bacteria. These good bacteria are essential for good digestion and destroy the bad ones, which are responsible for bad odors. Ok, fine, but how to consume probiotics? Can we buy some in the shops? Yes, probiotics can be consumed as a dietary supplement, but they are also naturally present in many foods.

Kefir, for example, which is a drink from the fermentation of milk or sweetened fruit juice, is a good way to eradicate these bacteria that emit poorly odorous gases. This is also the case with kombucha, yogurt, Yakult or some cheeses. Be careful, however, do not expect to have a better breath in a few minutes thanks to the cheese, quite the opposite. This is a long-term solution to take care of your intestinal flora.

3. Water

Bad Breath | 9 Amazing tips to fight against bad breathIt cannot be simpler as a solution … and yes, water helps fight against bad breath. Be careful, drinking water is not miraculous to get rid your mouth breath, but water prevents the mouth from drying out and therefore prevents the proliferation of bad bacteria, those responsible for the bad smells.

4. Fresh parsley, for a fresh breath

Fresh parsley is the miracle of fresh breath since it has many antioxidants that eliminate the sulfurous elements that form in your mouth. You can, of course, eat parsley as a condiment, but if you want maximum efficiency on your breath, then chew a few branches a week. You can also, and it is less known, make a tea of ​​parsley by infusing a few branches of parsley in hot water and drinking it.

5. The vegetable charcoal

Bad Breath | 9 Amazing tips to fight against bad breathThe charcoal is known to solve intestinal gas problems, but it is less so for its effect on the foul-smelling gases that come out of the mouth. This dietary supplement is natural and helps to detoxify the body by absorbing toxins and bacteria. You will find it easily in your neighborhood pharmacy.

6. Thyme

Thyme is close to parsley because it has antiseptic and healing properties. When you have a sore throat, it is the ideal aromatic plant because it will help you on one side to overcome these diseases but also to fight the bad odors that are related to these infections.

6. Seeds, natural chewing gums

Bad Breath | 9 Amazing tips to fight against bad breathYou should really ban chewing gums and replace them with cardamom or fennel seeds, the latter being more natural than a cheesecloth of which we know all major brands. Cardamom leaves a fresh, lemony flavor in the mouth while fennel seeds purify breath. Dill seeds can also be used for this purpose.

8. Cinnamon

As for cinnamon, it is close to clove since it has antiseptic properties. This spice is rich in antioxidants. Cinnamon sticks can be used as a lollipop and can be a valuable asset to fight bad breath.

9. The essential oils

Bad Breath | 9 Amazing tips to fight against bad breathSome essential oils can be consumed in small quantities. They must be taken into consideration to fight against bad breath: a small drop of essential oil of lavender, peppermint, lemon etc. on the tongue or on your toothbrush is an effective weapon against bad breath. The use of essential oil is also recommended to treat digestive disorders.

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