Toxic Shock Syndrome | 10 things to know about toxic shock syndrome

What is toxic shock syndrome? It is simply a natural response of the body to an infection, most often in the mucous membranes of the body such as the mouth, ears or vagina. An accumulation of bacteria near a mucosa causes an infection that can lead to the most severe cases of sepsis, that is to say, a blood infection that can cause death. Here is information to know about toxic shock syndrome.

In recent decades, the main causes of this syndrome have been related to the use of tampons during menstruation. Substances contained in these can cause toxic shocks syndrome and by extension cause sepsis and death by skeptical shock: a drastic and sudden drop in blood pressure. It is possible to prevent it and recognize its signs to avoid the worst.

10 signs to recognize about the toxic shock syndrome

1. It is caused by a material present in the buffers

To know about the syndrome of the toxic shock: it can be caused by the use of tampons hygienic. Indeed, hygienic tampons contain a material, the radius, made from regenerated cellulose. This material is contained in most brands of tampons. Using tampons on a regular basis, therefore, gives you the risk of contracting this syndrome. It is therefore important to pay attention to the buffers that are used.

toxic shock syndromeWe can choose to use stamps made exclusively from cotton. These are more expensive but have the merit of protecting you from a possible infection. Since they do not contain the substance causing the toxic shock syndrome, these buffers can be used without fear. When using regular tampons, care should be taken to change them regularly and to get to a hospital as soon as possible if symptoms are present.

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2. The more absorbent the pad is, the higher the risk

To know about toxic shock syndromes: the level of absorption of the buffer that you use is an important risk factor. Indeed, when using tampons, it is always better to choose which have a rather low absorption depending on your menstrual flow. If after four hours there is still fiber on your pad, you can use one with less absorption.

Indeed, the more the buffer is absorbent, the greater the amount of material causing the syndrome of toxic shock is strong. So we can either opt for the solution of bio and 100% cotton-based tampons. It is also possible to pay attention to the absorption of the buffers that we choose so that they are effective but not too absorbent compared to what we need.

3. If you had it once, you are more likely to contract it

To know about toxic shock syndromes: if you have contracted once, you are likely to contract it again. It is therefore preferable for women and girls who have already suffered from toxic shock to stop using tampons and to prefer towels to limit the risks. In about 30% of cases, this syndrome is recurrent in people who have suffered.

Since prevention is better than cure (again), it is important for women who have been affected by this syndrome to stop using tampons. Most women who suffered and started using tampons contracted the syndrome again in the next five months. However, only 16% of them suffered from the syndrome recurrently. We must be very careful, especially when it comes to health!

4. It has several causes

To know about the syndrome of the toxic shock: it has several causes and these are rather difficult to determine. Indeed, it is known that it can be caused by a material present in the buffers. However, not all women are affected by toxic shock syndrome. Some women are affected by this syndrome because they have kept a tampon for too long or they simply forgot to remove it.

toxic shock syndromeOthers may be affected after only one hour of use, without changing the buffer mark or when no constant has been changed. Many women who followed all the necessary recommendations to avoid this syndrome were still affected. It is therefore important to always be alert and pay close attention to the symptoms to limit the risks. It can save a life!

5. The symptoms may vary

Various symptoms may be related to toxic shock syndromes. Indeed, a good thing to know about this syndrome is that it can be difficult to notice since they may look like symptoms of flu or indigestion. However, it is extremely important to pay attention to these and to visit a doctor promptly if they present themselves. But which ones are they?

First, a person with toxic shock syndrome may vomit, have diarrhea, feel muscle pain and have a fever. The blood pressure usually drops quite impressively, which can cause fainting, confusion, and dizziness. A rash may also appear on the chest, abdomen or thighs. These symptoms always appear after the start of menstruation.

6. It can be deadly

To know about the syndrome of the toxic shock: it can be extremely serious if it is not taken care of quickly enough, and cause amputations even death. If symptoms are ignored, the toxic shock syndrome will kill the affected person within hours. It is therefore important to understand the importance of this problem and treat it as soon as it occurs. It is not a small infection but a matter of life and death.

toxic shock syndromeSeveral women have indeed died in different parts of the world after suffering from the toxic shock syndrome and not having treated it. If one realizes quickly and is hospitalized quickly enough, the syndrome is treated very well. However, it is necessary to be careful and never to minimize these symptoms to avoid getting there. A girl was also amputated from her leg because of the toxic shock syndrome.

7. It is better to alternate between tampons and towels

In order to reduce the risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome, it may be useful to use towels most of the time and tampons when necessary for practical reasons. Indeed, using buffers carries risks. Studies show that tampons should not be used for long continuous periods. Using it overnight can be extremely dangerous, for example.

If you are forced to use, prefer poorly absorbent pads and change as often as possible. During the night, use a new one at bedtime and change it directly by getting up in the morning. Towels, however, are just as absorbent as tampons and using them overnight may be preferable to avoid the syndrome of toxic shock. To know about the toxic shock syndrome: it is better to avoid it by all means, including avoiding the use of tampons.

8. It is necessary to act quickly if one presents these symptoms

An important thing to know about toxic shock syndrome: it is extremely serious and should, therefore, be treated very quickly as soon as the first symptoms appear. If you have any of the symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome, go to a hospital immediately and explain that you have used a tampon and are worried about suffering from toxic shock syndrome. It could save your life.

toxic shock syndromeThe causative bacteria, Staphylococcus, can usually be treated with antibiotics in the hospital setting, but for the treatment to be effective it is important not to wait too long before going to the hospital. This is an emergency, after all. Standard treatment is based on high dose antibiotics and products that prevent your body from producing toxins for a period of time.

9. It can affect men as well as women

An amazing thing to know about toxic shock syndrome: it can affect men as well as women. In women, the risk is higher because they use tampons, which increase the risk of contracting the syndrome. However, it is possible for a man to contract it in another way, from the moment a step comes into contact with a wound in a mucous membrane.

10. It is not necessarily caused by a lack of hygiene

The syndrome of toxic shock often tends to be related to not having changed its buffer quickly enough. However, this is not necessarily the case. The cases of toxic shock syndrome are different for each person, and one can be affected by it even having only used its buffer for one hour. It is therefore not correct to automatically relate this to a lack of hygiene.


Of course, changing the buffer as often as possible is essential to limit cases of toxic shock syndrome. It is therefore careful to use pads preferably cotton-based. And if it is not the case to change its buffer as often as possible.

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