Osteoarthritis | 6 Anti-osteoarthritis foods for your healthy life

6 Foods for fight osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a real pain that affects half of the people over 65 years old. It can be the cause of many factors such as heredity, sex (women are more affected by osteoarthritis than men), bone misalignment or an old joint injury. Overweight is also a factor of aggravation of “OA”. It is not because you are under 65 that you should not be concerned. Indeed, when the pains begin to appear it is almost already too late to act. If you are a woman and/or have genetic grounds that are sensitive to “OA”. It is important that you pay attention to yourself. And what you eat by choosing the right foods to delay and reduce the discomfort associated with this condition. Chronic involvement of the joints.

Contrary to what is believed, it is better to avoid consuming too much dairy, first because they are not very digestible and fat enough but also because the adult, unlike the child does not know as well how to fix calcium on his bones. We must still know that we are the only animal species to continue to consume milk in adulthood, which is unnatural.

1. Vegetables attack free radicals

Each inflammation leads to an increase in the number of free radicals which aggravates the inflammation, as much to say that when it starts it does not stop anymore. Some foods can limit this phenomenon; these are the ones that are rich in antioxidants. Vegetables are a good source in which you can find different types of antioxidants. Choose the most colorful ones! The very green spinach, the pumpkin and the carrot very orange, are all very rich in beta-carotene a very good antioxidant to be preferred.Osteoarthritis | 6 Anti-osteoarthritis foods for your healthy life

Tomatoes, peppers, leeks, eggplants, radishes, broccoli and cabbages may not be your favorite vegetables, but they are the ones you need to eat if you have osteoarthritis. In addition to being rich in vitamins A, C, and K, they are also a very good source of minerals and fiber. They are also filled with glucosinolates, which gives them a sulfurous smell not always pleasant and which makes them little digestible, but against it is what will avoid the destruction of the cartilaginous cells by acting on the inflammation.

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2. The fruits

Like the vegetables mentioned above, fruits are a very good source of minerals and vitamins. Concentrate your choice instead of on blueberries and other berries and red berries that have a very good antioxidant intake of the family of flavoring.Osteoarthritis | 6 Anti-osteoarthritis foods for your healthy lifeThe darker the fruit, the more it is the carrier of this antioxidant. it will always be better to consume them raw rather than cooked to preserve possible benefits and not to alter them.

3. Legumes

It is essential to focus on legumes in your daily diet. Red and white beans, beans, soybeans, brown lentils, and peas are very good allies that should not be left out.Osteoarthritis | 6 Anti-osteoarthritis foods for your healthy lifeIndeed, they are rich in potassium and this mineral will counteract our bad eating habits, which are often too acidic. The acidity causes the production of uric acid crystals in the joint capsules which causes calcium leakage of the bones and therefore inflammation. Potassium will be able to limit these leaks and thus reduce the pain related to inflammation.

4. Coffee, chicory, chocolate, milk: all powder

All these foods are good friends when you have osteoarthritis, provided they are consumed in powder form. Of course to avoid overweight or to reduce it, you must consume unsweetened. They are good for you because they too are very rich in potassium, the famous magic mineral to reduce the harm of these throbbing pains.Osteoarthritis | 6 Anti-osteoarthritis foods for your healthy lifeIt is important, however, to consume them in moderation, first because the coffee has a direct impact on your heart and your sleep, but also because they are often accompanied by one or two sugars in pieces and d a little treat. We know that overweight is really the number one enemy of people with osteoarthritis. Be reasonable. Indulge yourself with a good coffee or hot chocolate but add nothing else.

5. Spices

They too are potassium mines. In addition to giving flavor to your dishes, they will do you good. First, they are good for promoting better intestinal transit but they are especially there to relieve your painful joints. The spices to favor when suffering from osteoarthritis are cumin seeds, curry powder, ground ginger, coriander seeds and ground black pepper.Turmeric also has a reputation for treating inflammation and joint pain. This spice, often used in traditional medicine, is rich in antioxidant and simple to add to your dishes. It is important not to exceed a certain amount. You will be advised to limit yourself to one teaspoon per day.

6. The fish

Fish is a very good factor in anti-aging cells thanks to its selenium content, another type of antioxidant. The latter will prevent aging of cells including cartilage. It is still better to focus on oily fish such as salmon, which are also very rich in omega 3.Osteoarthritis | 6 Anti-osteoarthritis foods for your healthy lifeSelenium is found mainly in sardines, tuna, mackerel, and oysters. Fatty fish and seafood have a good zinc content, another trace element that helps fight against the effects of free radicals and therefore against osteoarthritis.

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