Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smoking

7 Tips to stop smoking

To stop smoking, it is important to be aware of the dangers of smoking on your health and on those around you. Unfortunately, most smokers are fully aware of the damage that smoking has on their health, without it really motivating them to try to quit. For us, it is important to find tips for you to quit smoking more serenely.

Tobacco is a drug, so getting rid of it is never easy. However, we have found for you 7 tips that could help you stop smoking. For these to work, however, it is necessary that you really want to stop smoking. The effort must come from you, and these tips will only help you if you are ready to make the necessary sacrifices. But you are promised, the impact on your health and that of your loved ones will be such that you will never regret having stopped.

1. Find a personal reason

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingTo quit smoking, aside from the reasons you already know about the impact on your own health, it is important that you find one or more personal reasons that make you want to quit. Ask yourself a moment the right questions. What does smoking bring you apart from a relief of a few moments? Nothing. Or at least nothing positive. As for stress? She only relieves the one caused by her lack.

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A personal reason is vast as an idea. This may be the impact your death would have on your children: indeed, smoking can kill. Quitting smoking reduces your chances of getting lung cancer. The effect that passive smoking has on people around you that you love. The positive effect that stopping would have on your appearance, your hair, your teeth, your skin. In short, a personal reason that bothers you and makes you really want to put an end to your relationship with smoking.

2. Prepare in advance

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingAs said before, quitting is not a pleasure or an easy part. It is therefore important not to throw one’s eyes shut in order not to encounter another failure that could discourage us. Before you start, it is important to make sure you have all the cards in hand so you do not give up. Several tips can help you, to make the task a little less complex.

As a first step, it is important that you know that you will suffer from the lack of nicotine. Ask your GP for advice on ways to help you overcome this step. Also, ask for green numbers or websites such as Tobacco Info Service that will help you get help with your progress. It is also possible to do hypnosis, to download applications that could help you or to participate in group therapies. Make sure you feel surrounded and helped to stop smoking.

3. Seek support from loved ones

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingTo stop smoking, you can ask for help from your loved ones who have been there. Their advice can help you, motivate you and calm your worries if you have any. In fact, they have been there and understand your feelings and fears. Through their experience, they will be able to guide you to make your job less arduous. And then, it’s always good to have help and advice, right?

Your loved ones, even if they do not smoke, will be able to listen to you and talk to you, remind you why you want to quit when you seem to forget it, comfort you. They know you and can, therefore, offer you methods adapted to your character, your behavior, your way of living in a general way. Really, support from loved ones is essential in difficult times, but it is worth it, and it is always an extremely valuable help.

4. Learn about nicotine

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingWhen you stop smoking, you will experience the lack of nicotine. As a drug addicted person and lack, it will cause you various adverse effects, more or less strong depending on the quantities you used to smoke and the length of the period during which you smoked. This could affect your mood and therefore your relationship with others, give you headaches or leave you in a state of lack of energy and unpleasant motivation.

Nicotine supplements (in the form of chewing gums or patches for example) respond to this need for nicotine and therefore soothe the symptoms of lack. You will indeed find yourself wanting to smoke “just a puff” and resist will be complex. It will be important for you to have nicotine available to remedy this, feel better and resist the call of the cigarette. Ask your doctor and pharmacist for advice.

5. Allow yourself to relax

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingQuitting is tiring and stressful. Giving you a break, a vacation or more free time during this period of your life to optimize and rejuvenate is a good idea. This will make you feel better and more serene. However, we understand that you do not necessarily have the opportunity to offer you a vacation or a weekend paradise to relax.

However, there are other ways that could help you. At first, playing sports will have a positive effect on your health, your respiratory system damaged by the cigarette but will also remove the stress that you may feel during this period of your life. Listening to music you like, hanging out with friends, going to the movies or the theater, offering a massage occasionally – all of this can help you feel better and help you stop smoking.

6. Avoid alcohol and related habits

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingWhen we smoke, we often associate something else with it. For example, some people tend to drink a glass of wine and a cigarette after a meal. This is particularly bad for you in the sense that when you do one of the tasks without smoking, you will feel even more strongly the lack of smoking. That’s why we advise you not only not to smoke but also to avoid associated activities: the most common being drinking alcohol.

Likewise, you may tend to smoke when you have coffee. If it’s a habit you have, try drinking tea instead. The important thing is to avoid waking up your desire to smoke by pushing back activities that you usually associate with tobacco. Find something else to replace this habit: go for a walk, send a message to a friend, take a chewing gum or brush your teeth.

7. Trying tirelessly

Stop Smoking | 7 Amazing tips to stop smokingIt does not say that you could stop smoking the first time. Indeed, giving up smoking is a complex task and you do not have to get it straight. Some people have to go through it several times before they succeed. If you fall back, do not feel discouraged! Schedule a fixed date for your next try, and make sure you stick to it. You will feel truly proud of yourself and your progress, which will improve your self-confidence and help you succeed.

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