8 Tips to pamper your curly hair

When we have curly hair naturally, we tend to maintain a love/hate relationship with them. On one side, they are beautiful, give us style effortlessly and can truly be a charming asset! But only the days when they decide to behave! The rest of the time, our curly hair can decide not to cooperate, to curl or not to buckle well, even to take a rather random form! Yet the key is to know how to deal with it!

To save your relationship with your curly hair, we give you 8 tips to pamper them. Yes, the hair is sometimes capricious: and it is by taking good care of them that they agree to behave properly. And when that happens, we thank them for giving us an originality and a unique character! No reason, therefore, to tear your hair for so little!

 Let’s go for our 8 tips to pamper your curly hair

1. A good haircut

For curly hair in good shape and well bounced, you have to have a good haircut! And for that, nothing better than to contact a hairdresser specialized for curly hair, who will be able to cut your hair by respecting their movement! When cutting curly or wavy hair, it is sometimes necessary to do it when these are dry, in order to obtain a result that corresponds to the length and the shape that you expect.

your curly hairIf you cut your hair when wet, we risk unpleasant surprises. In addition, not all cuts may be suitable for all types of hair. We will always prefer cuts with different layers and a gradient of curly hair, to regain a certain volume that will be more advantageous and pretty. This will give you better-distributed loops. In addition, if your hair is too long, their weight will prevent them from curling properly! It is, therefore, better to cut them regularly. Continue reading: 10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look older

2. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner

For perfect curly hair, nothing like a good shampoo and a good conditioner. This type of hair tends to be dry, and shampoos making them too heavy tend to make them flatter and prevent them from buckling properly. The solution? Use only shampoos without sulfates, which will be more respectful of them. Finally, it is always important to read the label before buying your shampoo: a shampoo specifically created for curly hair will always have a better result since its formula has been adapted to this particular type of hair.

Your conditioner must nourish your hair to make them shine and volume, without weighing them down. It avoids too much to apply and we choose one adapted to curly hair and enriched with nourishing ingredients and if possible natural. For curly hair, we recommend conditioners enriched with olive oil, argan oil or coconut oil. They will know how to make their brilliance and their natural rebound to your curls!

3. Dry them well

The best solution to dry your curly hair? Let them air dry. Indeed, the hair dryer tends to dry and fall, slows their growth and makes them lose in shine if used too often. In addition, you can not use a conventional hair dryer with curly hair without them curl and become shapeless. Believe us we tried! If possible, choose a drying in the open air or in a cotton t-shirt (or even a microfiber towel).

your curly hairHowever, if you must absolutely dry your hair, for lack of time or weather, it is important that you put the diffuser tip on your device. Indeed, the diffuser tip allows you to dry your curls respecting the movement of your hair and being softer. We start from the ends of her hair and we go back slowly towards the roots. For more volume, use its diffuser head down. We do not use the maximum heat mode of his hairdryer unless we wish to damage them!

4. Do not brush them!

If there is one thing that curly hair hates more than anything in the world, it is to be brushed. Indeed, when you brush your naturally curly hair, you attack and break the curls. By separating the hair from each other, you give them a curly and misshapen appearance that you want to avoid at all costs! Of course, curly hair tends to easily get tangled, so how?

Well, there is a simple solution. They are combed only when leaving the shower, when they are wet, to eliminate all the knots. We apply a detangling product so that few knots are formed until our next shampoo and voila! This advice is easy to apply, and yet you’ll see it, it changes everything in the appearance of your curly hair! Your hair will regain its original movement and the curls will be much more defined and soft to the touch.

5. Choosing the right product for loops

For beautiful curly hair, it is important to know how to choose the most suitable product. Indeed, your hair naturally curls without you applying specific products on it. However, there are products on the market with the aim of strengthening the structure of your curls, reducing frizz and improving their overall appearance. These can be applied to dry or wet hair depending on the brand and their role.

Using a loop-defining product of this type can be very helpful and radically change the look of your hair, making it brighter, softer, nourishing and giving your bows a more bouncy look. Among other things, we recommend Rene Furterer’s Sublime Curl, which will redefine your curls efficiently and is composed of natural ingredients that respect your hair. We always avoid sulfates and parabens bad for your hair and your health.

6. The scrunching

The scrunching, but what is that? This is an extremely simple but effective method to make your curly hair even more beautiful than it already is. But what is “scrunching”? Well, it’s simple! It’s just about creasing your curls from the bottom up to allow your hair to regain the curly look they naturally have. This simple trick aims to allow your hair to curl in a better way.

your curly hairWhen to apply this method The most effective technique we have found is to apply it when leaving the shower, on wet hair, applying a defining product for the curls. This will couple the effect of the product to that of the movement and will, therefore, have an incredible effect on your hair. Once dry, they will curl more harmoniously, have more volume and be softer. It can also be done just before drying your hair to the diffuser, always using a defining product.


7. Do not touch your hair

Another tip that works? Do not touch your hair, or do it as little as possible. When applying your product to the curls and creasing them, it is important not to touch them anymore to allow them to dry naturally (or to dry them in the diffuser) so that they can buckle properly. This can be difficult if you are used to often triturate your hair, but it is done quickly enough.

Your naturally curly hair likes freedom. Your curls will never be as beautiful as if you avoid touching them too much, changing your stripe, attaching them and detaching them all the time. Once your curly hair routine is complete, make sure to touch them as little as possible and they will thank you for it. To help you, you can style yourself in the morning and leave your hair that way all day long. If your hair fits well and does not stop you from seeing properly, you will not have the urge to touch them.

8. Moisten them to find loops and volume

Curly hair needs to be washed and disentangled less often than straight or wavy hair. In fact, they are drier in nature and produce much less sebum naturally. They, therefore, take a lot longer to become fat, and it is beneficial for them to space the time between shampoos as much as possible. They are washed preferably once or twice a week at most so as not to deprive them of their natural oils.

your curly hairHowever, they can lose by definition between two shampoos, and an excess of product in the hair can give an unglamorous effect. Our solution to this problem? Apply as much water as possible, either with your hands or a spray, to moisten them and make them their volume, as well as the definition of the loops. Nothing is easier than moistening a little hair every morning, and yet the effect is surprising!

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