10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look older

Our hairstyle is an important part of our beauty. It is therefore important to choose well to feel good without her skin on any occasion. There are many hairstyles that tend to make you look older than you actually are. These are therefore to be avoided! A hairstyle mistake that make you look older? To have them too long for example! There are many simple tips that you can apply to look younger with your hair.

It is possible to apply simple methods to look much younger without effort, simply by changing your cut or your hair color. Do you not believe us? Well, read these 10 hairstyle mistakes that make you look older and you’ll see! Promised, you will not regret it! And then, it’s all about hair after all! Change their appearance is simple as hello, and it changes everything!

1. Too long hair

Having too long hair is a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. Indeed, finding the cup that suits you best can be really complex. However, it is something that is truly worth it and can make us look much more beautiful and look younger. When one has too long hair, they can tend to appear finer, and lose their undulations and their shape.

Hairstyle Mistake | 10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look olderThis can lengthen facial features and accentuate wrinkles for example. Long hair makes you look older. It is, therefore, best to avoid having hair that goes down lower than the ribs, to favor a younger look. A cut that can make you look younger? A fairly short square. It is a timeless cut, which gives volume to your hair and makes you lose age in time.

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2. A length that does not suit you

Having a hair length that does not suit you is a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. If you have fine hair in nature, or become finer with age, cutting it is a good idea. Indeed, the shorter the hair, the lighter they are and they can grow in volume. Cutting your hair will instantly make you look younger. In addition, it is important that your haircut is structured.

Hair layers cut into different lengths give shape and volume to your cut. Your hair looks healthier, alive and resumes their basic movement. And why not try the very short cut? It must be assumed of course, but it can really make you lose 10 years in an instant! The length of your cut is less important than the shape of it, do not forget it!

3. Never make hairstyle changes

We know you like your “signature look”, this cut that you always had and that is now part of you. However, never making changes is a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. Indeed, with the years, hairstyling techniques and hairstyles are changing. It is therefore normal that you adapt your hairstyle to trends over time. And the hair, it pushes!

Hairstyle Mistake | 10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look olderHair is one of the aesthetic assets with which you can play the most. Indeed, the color, the shape, the thickness and the length can be modified by a hairdresser in a simple way and without that being permanent. So do yourself a favor and dare to change hairstyle from time to time! We promise you, you will not regret it! And if it ever happens that you do not like a hairstyle, it will always be catch-up and your hair will grow back. The same for a color!

4. The coloring

Choosing an unsightly or unsavory color is a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. Indeed, if you choose to color your hair a color too dark, it could give you a shot of old. Your hair color should be complementary to your skin color. The closer the color is to your natural color, the better it will look.

Lightening your hair in one or two shades, no matter the color of your hair will make you look younger instantly. Indeed, the light reflections of your hair illuminate your face and make you look a few years younger. Colors that make you look younger? Golden blondes, red and red, for example. Dark black is to be avoided since it can make it look harder and older.

5. A badly chosen or badly drawn line

The place where you choose to place your stripe is paramount to look younger. Indeed, misplacing his line is a hairstyle mistake that can make you look older. A slightly irregular stripe, located towards the middle of your face, can flatter and make your face look younger. Avoid lines that are too well drawn and too harsh, like a line in the middle, as well as a severe line on one side.

Hairstyle Mistake | 10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look olderIt’s all about giving free rein to your hair to follow a certain movement. They should move. A fringe may in some cases make it look younger. Choose to place your line in a place that suits you, depending on the shape of your face. Experiment in your mirror, and see what suits you best. But do not lay down your hair if your line is sharp and in the middle.

6. Too much volume

A little too much hair volume is also a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. The volume is important in your hair: it makes you look younger. However, too much volume is not good either. Hair that is too bulky can make you look older than you actually are. There is indeed a difference between natural volume and creped hair, which curls or puffs. We, therefore, pay attention to the volume of her hair. For example, moisture may tend to make your hair appear more swollen. There are products to minimize this effect.

7. Not enough volume

Having too flat hair is also a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. Indeed, the more we age and the more our hair tends to refine. And to fight against flat and fine hair nothing like cutting them shorter! Also, nourish your hair with oils like black seed oil, argan oil or “snake oil” (an oil based on natural essential oils extracted from plants) to restore volume to your hair. hair.

In addition, using too much styling product in your hair can tend to make them heavier and therefore make them look flatter. So we avoid applying a conditioner if we just use oil in her hair for example. It is above all to be careful not to weigh down his hair so that they can occupy the volume they want. You can also use volumizing foams and dry your hair with your head tilted down to get volume easily.

8. A shampoo that does not suit you

Yes, a shampoo that does not suit you can also be a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older! Your shampoo has an impact on your hair and can make them more or less bright, give them more or less volume, spring if they are curly etc. The more your hair is damaged, the more they need to be fed. So choose a shampoo according to the needs of your hair.

Hairstyle Mistake | 10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look olderAlso avoid at all costs shampoos containing sulfates, which are bad for the structure of your hair and dry them considerably. If your hair is curly, use a suitable shampoo. In the same way, if you have hair that is oily, dry if you have dandruff … Your shampoo must be truly adapted to the needs of your hair to make them more beautiful and silky.

9. Healthy hair

Yes, not taking care of your hair is a hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. Indeed, damaged hair will always make you look older than you actually are. So if you notice that you have many more forks, that your hair is dull and brittle: cut the damaged areas. Once done, start treatments that will restore radiance and beauty to your hair.

Hairstyle Mistake | 10 hairstyle mistake that makes you look olderEgg masks are very effective, as are some oils that nourish your hair (oil nigella, snake, argan or amla). Use as a mask once a week to nourish your hair. And remember to keep a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to have radiant hair of beauty and health, and look younger in an instant.

10. Pull her hair back

A hairstyle error that makes you look older? Depriving of certain hairstyles. We often think that by clearing his face, we will necessarily look older. However, this is not the case. If you clear your face, you will quickly notice that the hairstyles with which you pull your hair back tend to smooth out your wrinkles and make you look younger. It sounds pretty strange at first, and yet it is!

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