RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglasses

Identify a real pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

It is sometimes difficult to identify a real pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses copies from original ones! Indeed, for several years RB is the brand in vogue that everyone pulls out. That is why it is enormously copied and reproduced for resale on the beaches or in the various tourist markets. Through this article, we will give you some tips that will help you to identify a real pair of Ray-Ban.

Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of having found a great deal online, but how can you be sure to find an original? While the popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses has never been more important, it can be difficult to distinguish counterfeits from the original ones. Have no fear, we consulted an expert on the stock Easy lunettes to help you become a connoisseur of the brand Ray-Ban.

How to tell if Ray-Ban sunglasses are fake

Observe the packaging

The real Ray-Ban sunglasses are supplied in an original packaging, and must consist of a packaging box, a maintenance kit, brochures, a glasses case and of course, your glasses! If that’s what you’ve received, you’re on the right track.

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Examine the accessories that come with the sunglasses

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesThere are fake glasses cases quite well imitated; so be attentive and demanding on quality. The dispensing pad printed on the casing should mention the following information: “100% UV Protection – Ray ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica”.

In the case, you should find a good quality cloth for cleaning glasses. In addition, a small user guide must accompany these accessories. This notice must be written in a correct language and free of errors.

Decode the code

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesThe sticker on the packaging must indicate the name of the manufacturer (Luxottica), the model, the color code and the size of your glasses. Then check the information provided on the branches of the glasses: the branch on the left usually mentions the information about the model, the one on the right indicates where the glasses were made. Counterfeit Ray-Ban glasses do not usually mention this information. The photo here depicts Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Search the official logo

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesThe real Ray-Ban sunglasses are stamped with the Ray-Ban logo on both branches as well as on the top of the right side of the right eye. There should also be a Ray-Ban sticker on the right glass as well as the engraved RB letters.

This model is a bit special. It is important to check that the word “Ray-Ban” in white is written on the glass at the top left. For the polarized model, the “Ray-Ban” is followed by a “P”. Also, check that the letters “R” and “B” are capitalized!

Look at the branches, many references must be listed. On the left branch, you must find the reference. Depending on the model, the references may vary RB3025, RB3362, RB8041, RB3026, RB3044, RB3415Q, RB3423, RB8029K, RB8301, RB8307.

Behind the reference, you will find the model name and several codes. Look carefully at the last number, consisting of two digits, a square, and two more digits. This one must be engraved under the crossbar connecting the two glasses and preceded by the inscription Ray-Ban.

The interior of the Ray-Ban branches must include

Exact references: 4 digits after the RB followed by a series of additional digits that correspond to the color code (eg RB 2132 902). Then you will be able to read 2 separate numbers of a square. This is the size of the glasses (eg 50☐22). Finally a couple digit/letter: the number indicates the index of your glasses and the letter its category (eg N = Neutral, P = Polarized etc.)

The other Ray-Ban models

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesFor all other models, make sure that the RB logo on the right half-height glass is laser etched on the outside of the glass. Note that only RB3211 models do not have the engraving. In addition, all straight branches of Ray-Ban are marked “Made in Italy” and the “CE” logo for conformity.

Watch the case

Ray-Ban cases only exist in black or brown and are usually stamped with the logo on the side (some larger models may not have this stamp) and on the closure. If you thought you had found the rare pearl by acquiring this pink fuchsia case, you are probably in possession of a fake …

Pay attention to details

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesBe sure to check every detail as Ray-Ban sunglasses are a quality product and their finishes must be perfect. The all annotations must be correct, the optical kit must bear the Ray-Ban logo, the screws must look securely fixed and the glasses must really seem high quality.

ray-ban-box logo ray-ban-left-logo

You know everything about the real Ray-Ban sunglasses!

You now have all the keys in your hands to never be fooled! All our Ray-Ban sunglasses are genuine models and we offer a wide selection of Wayfarer sunglasses in different colors.

But if you’ve ever been fooled by an imitation of Ray-Ban glasses, please share your experience by pointing out how you made your mistake in the “comments” space below, and help expand the community of fashion experts.

What you buy

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesThink about what you buy. To get a quality product, you usually have to put the price. If the opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably means that it is a fake pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Buy only your glasses in reliable stores, with a street sign, inside a mall or any other famous place.

The price

RAY-BAN Sunglasses-How to spot fake ray-ban sunglassesIf you come across glasses at 50 $ or less, run away! This is probably a scam or it is junior glasses. On average prices vary from $ 85 to $ 180 depending on the model and edition.

Other important information

Bausch & Lomb is the old house that made Ray-Ban, but it is now Luxottica. The products signed BL or Bausch & Lomb can therefore no longer be authentic unless they date from before 1999 (date of redemption).

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