How to start your homemade food business in 7 steps

The art of cooking is something that not many people are good at. But if you are one of those who when they invite their family or friends to eat at home, everyone praises your dishes and they want to repeat what you have cooked, then you should think about starting your own food business at home.

If you enjoy preparing different types of food and also do it well, a food business can be a great opportunity to get income without leaving your home.

We all have an entrepreneurial soul hidden somewhere in our hearts, and sometimes we kill ourselves thinking about what business we can ride instead of going for the most logical.

If you’re good at cooking and you like it, what do you expect to start your food business?

Put a restaurant or start a street vendor may be out of your budget because they are companies for which you need a high capital.

The service they offer is very good (I am actually one of their frequent clients) and they earn a lot more money than they did in their previous jobs where they had to work on something they did not like.

They went from sending meals and preparing them from their home, to have a place of their own with a kitchen the size of my apartment just for your food business.

If you also want to be like them, do not wait any longer: here I am going to show you how to start your food business at home in 7 easy steps, and the best tips that my friends have told me so that you can be as successful as they are.

Here we write details how to start your homemade food business with 7 simple steps

1. Decide the food you will sellfood business

Before you take any other step, you must first decide what type of food you will sell.

I already mentioned which foods are the most popular and although many think, “I will simply sell a variety of all”, I recommend not to do it.

The reason why the majority specializes only in one type is that it already carries many dishes and preparation. Imagine if you decide to choose more than one.

So think about which of all the meals you think would be best for you to sell.

Keep in mind the one you prepare best. To know it, you could prepare a dish of each type you have in mind and ask a group of people around you to tell you objectively, which one tastes better.

Do not go for one that you do not master or you are not good at, although this is logical, it is not bad to remember it from time to time.

In addition to this previous point, also keep in mind your preparation and how quickly you can do it.

Of course, you should not necessarily choose the one that is ready in less time, but it is something you should consider if you want to offer a good service.

Once you have this thought and know what to sell, continue with the following steps.

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2. Make an inventory of the materials you will needfood business

Depending on the food you decide to sell, the number of materials, utensils, and food will vary.

That is why it is so important that you fulfill the first step first of all.

The most important thing in your inventory or shopping list, before the food comes the kitchen utensils and everything that your team understands.

Many do not care that a knife is a bit dull or something old, but believe it or not the amount of your utensils determines much the speed and even the quality with which you prepare the food.

For example, if you have to fry, it is very different than you do it in a frying pan with oil to a fryer that takes 1 minute or less and cooking is much better.

So give priority to the utensils that you must renew or acquire. After that, go to the part of the materials themselves: the food.

Going to deliver food at home does not mean you have to deliver a “mediocre” meal, so always keep in mind that the ingredients should be fresh all the time.

For this reason, it is essential that you make a fairly approximate inventory of the amount of food you will use in one or two days and buy them fresh when it is time to purchase.

This also varies according to the number of people who order your food, but try to calculate for around 10 or 20 orders a day when you are just beginning and when you see more concurrency, increases the stipulated portions.

Be very precise and even if there are materials that you do not need urgently or that are essential, always go to the paramount thing that your food does and leave it in good condition in its preparation.

3. Determine the expense of transportation and placefood business

In addition to what you need to prepare food, do not forget the subject of transport but above all, the place.

If you want to save on the appearance of the place and give more importance to the topic of utensils and other materials, then you can always choose to use your own home as a starting point.

Many businesses start from home, so do not feel that you reduce yourself and do not rush to rent or buy a place for your business. Everything in its time.

Now, if you believe in the capabilities of finding a place to offer your service or because you do not have enough space where you live, I recommend you never start with something too big.

Remember that renting or buying is one of the things that represent the greatest expense, so get a little control on this aspect.

Find a small place that does not represent as much expense.

As for the means of transport where you will deliver, you can use your own car or rent an economic one but in good condition.

You can also opt for a motorcycle better.

I know that most home businesses have their own personalized vehicle, but that at the beginning is a great investment.

In the beginning, I will recommend at all times go for low costs but that allows you to start well, so always carefully determine how much you will spend in total including food and the rest of the things you think you need in addition to the place and transport.

4. Seek capital to startfood business

Although the food delivery business is much cheaper than setting up a restaurant, for example, you will need a bit of capital at the beginning to start.

So once you have in mind how much you will spend, start looking for where you will get the money for your project.

If you have always been someone with an entrepreneurial mind, the most likely thing is that you have an account with some savings and even if you did not think about opening a business during all this time until now, you probably have some saved money.

First, as a person who has invested your money several times, not to open a business but to multiply it, I recommend you NOT invest all your savings.

Although many save to finally carry out our dreams and big projects, there are times that we must think twice if we want to spend all our savings in less than the wind blows.

From my own experience, I recommend you invest 50% of your savings and leave a margin that allows you to get out of trouble or in case something unexpected happens.

This goes for the two situations in which you can find yourself: have enough money to mount it on your own or that you should ask for a loan to complete your savings.

5. Find reliable suppliersfood business

Once you have decided what you will need and the capital you need to buy everything and start your business, start looking for quality suppliers for what you need.

Acquiring kitchen utensils is easy because of all the recognized and economic brands that you can find, so with little guidance or search it will not be difficult to buy those that are of quality and serve you well.

The problem arises in terms of food.

As I said, the ingredients you will use for food should always be fresh, but in particular, you should be sure that they are of good origin and, therefore, well treated.

It is very easy to get diseases through foods with unfit ingredients, so put a lot of importance to who you will buy them.

Usually suppliers of recognized restaurants or food places are usually more expensive due to their good reputation, however, it is an expense that you should be willing to make.

Maybe you do not need to go to the most expensive suppliers, but be those between your availability or whoever, be sure to thoroughly investigate their reputation and the quality of their products.

If possible, choose the products you will need yourself.

Sometimes it is not necessary to look precisely for a provider that takes everything to the door. But simply go out and buy for yourself everything you need for preparation.

There are many markets and several of them are specialized in selling ingredients for the food that you decided to sell. So if you are not sure of going to something as big as looking for a large-scale supplier. You can do it looking for it in markets and buying everything for yourself.

6. Customize the packagingfood business

Something that characterizes food business, is the way in which they deliver their meals. And the more attractive it is, the more it will attract the attention of people to ask for more and more.

My favorite food business sends its food in a box with several shapes. I mean, they offer you several options on the shape and appearance of the box where it comes packed.

I have asked many times to make at random and their preference the choice of the box and I received from hearts to the shape of a dog’s face.

In addition to that, they also use ecological materials.

I have never seen anything like that in any other business and it is not about you going and copying it. But about understanding that something personalized makes you also call attention and not just for food.

Therefore, put effort and take care to customize the packaging with something that represents the image of your food business.

To do this, make sure you get the best suppliers that offer to design the packaging to your preference and above all, offer the necessary characteristics that a box containing food should have.

This can be a bit expensive depending on how you want the design and the provider you find. But always remember to keep a budget for it.

It is good to personalize but not to exceed, so if you can not have everything you want in it. Remember to be realistic and go for something cheaper but that equally meets your expectations in part.

7. Name your business

As I mentioned the importance of personalizing. Do not think I would forget something as important as the name of the business.

To make your dream and goal even more possible and logically. The business needs a name, remember to give it to them.

The logo and the name of your food business are what will talk a lot about it at the beginning. And what will catch the attention of people? At first sight, so make sure you choose an appropriate and not so common.

It is common sense and very simple, but incredibly, many forget to give it the importance it really has.

You can always keep a name that is related to the food you will sell or perhaps go for something more eye-catching and novel.

But as a suggestion, do not overdo the novelty.

It is true that a strange and attention-grabbing name can be a good thing. But many people cross out those businesses only because, apart from striking, they are just that, “weird”.

So keep a balance between the novel and normal.

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