Preventing Burglaries over the Winter

As we head into the months of the year when there is more darkness, something to be aware of is the risk of burglaries. Nights that are longer and darker gives burglars more opportunities, and you should be aware of this so that you can decrease your risk of being a victim of burglary.

If you don’t already have security lighting, this is a good time to get some installed. Place it around your property, especially at points that are particularly dark or hard to see, as well as potential access points like around doors and windows.

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As well as your house, you should also make sure that other buildings are secure like sheds and garages as these are a prime target for burglars. High value things like tools and bikes are often stored in them and this is an attractive prospect for a burglar. Contact someone like this garage doors Bath based company to have a secure door put on your garage and make sure that your shed is locked and safe whenever you are not in it.

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Something else to consider is a home security camera system. Modern cameras are able to be linked up to your phone, so if you are not at home and want to check on your home whilst you are out it is easy to do so. It can even be programmed to alert you to any movement so you will be able to see straight away.

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